Discover Heart-Pounding Movies Like Unlocked

Hey there, movie buffs in the USA! If you’re hungry for more Movies Like Unlocked, you’re in for a real treat. We’ve handpicked a bunch of films that are just like Unlocked, and they’re going to keep you glued to your seats.

Movies Like Unlocked

  1. Memories of Murder (2003): So, if you’re into serial killers and all that jazz, ‘Memories of Murder’ is right up your alley. It’s a South Korean crime thriller, kinda inspired by real serial murders. You’ve got detectives digging into a series of murders and rapes, and it’s only after the third murder that things start to make sense. It’s gripping and intense, and it’ll leave you thinking long after the credits roll.
  2. One Missed Call (2003): If eerie and unsettling is your jam, ‘One Missed Call’ is a must-see. It’s Japanese horror, directed by Takashi Miike, and it’s all about students getting voicemails from their future selves, telling them when they’ll kick the bucket. Creepy, right? They gotta figure out how to stop this supernatural force from ruining their lives.
  3. The Call (2020): ‘The Call’ takes communication to a whole new level, just like Unlocked. Two women connect over a phone call, but they live in different timelines, discussing events from another period that alter the course of their lives. It’s a mystery thriller directed and written by Lee Chung-hyun that’s sure to leave a long-lasting impression.
  4. Missing (2023): If you appreciated the use of technology in Unlocked, ‘Missing’ takes a similar approach. When June’s mother goes missing during a vacation in Colombia, she uses all the latest technology at her disposal to find her. However, as she digs deeper, she discovers that her mother had secrets of her own. The film is written and directed by Will Merrick and Nick Johnson and is a gripping thriller with a big reveal.
  5. Burning (2018): ‘Burning’ is a psychological thriller that shares common ground with Unlocked. It tells the story of Jong-su, an aspiring writer who befriends a woman named Hae-mi. Things take a mysterious turn when an enigmatic man named Ben enters their lives, revealing an unusual hobby. Just like in Unlocked, ‘Burning’ explores how a simple life can be disrupted by someone with sinister motives.
  6. Phantom Detective (2016): For those who enjoyed the brainy elements of Unlocked, ‘Phantom Detective’ offers a similar thrill. This South Korean action comedy, directed by Jo Sung-hee, follows a private detective on a mission for vengeance. He discovers that his target is a cult leader, making the case far more complicated than he expected.
  7. The Chaser (2008): ‘The Chaser’ is inspired by real-life events, just like Unlocked. It’s a South Korean action thriller that dives into the world of a former policeman running a prostitute ring. His world is turned upside down when a serial killer starts targeting prostitutes. The film, directed by Na Hong-jin, delivers a gripping narrative that will keep you hooked, similar to the bone-chilling experience of Unlocked.

So, there you have it, a handpicked selection of Movies Like Unlocked that share some of the same elements that make Unlocked such an intense and thrilling experience. Whether you’re into crime, suspense, or supernatural twists, these films have something for everyone. Dive into the world of these gripping narratives and prepare to be entertained. Enjoy your movie marathon! 🍿🎬

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