Movies Like Vikings

Certainly! If you’re searching for movies similar to “Vikings,” here’s a list of films that share thematic elements, historical settings, or adventurous narratives akin to the popular Viking TV series:

Movies Like Vikings

  1. The 13th Warrior
    • A tale of an Arab traveler who joins a group of Norse warriors in a battle against mysterious and supernatural foes.
  2. Pathfinder
    • Set in the Viking Age, it follows a young Norse boy raised by Native Americans, who becomes a fierce warrior defending his people.
  3. Northmen: A Viking Saga
    • A story of a group of Viking marauders who find themselves trapped in enemy territory and must fight their way to freedom.
  4. Valhalla Rising
    • A surreal Viking epic that explores themes of destiny and brutality as a mute warrior journeys towards a mysterious destination.
  5. The Last Kingdom
    • While a TV series, “The Last Kingdom” is a historical drama set in the Viking Age, depicting the Viking invasion of England.
  6. Beowulf & Grendel
    • Based on the Old English epic poem, this film tells the story of the legendary hero Beowulf battling the monstrous Grendel.
  7. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
    • While not strictly Viking, it shares the medieval setting and elements of sword-and-sorcery fantasy.
  8. Ironclad
    • Set in medieval England, this film follows a group of Knights Templar defending a castle against a tyrannical king.
  9. Centurion
    • While focused on Roman soldiers, this film features intense battles and a sense of historical grit similar to Viking stories.
  10. Hammer of the Gods
    • A Viking warrior ventures on a perilous journey to find his estranged brother in this brutal and action-packed film.
  11. Viking: The Berserkers
    • A story of Viking warriors facing a supernatural enemy, combining historical elements with fantasy.
  12. The Viking War
    • A tale of a Viking princess seeking revenge for the murder of her father.
  13. Vikings: War of Clans (Documentary)
    • While not a movie, this documentary explores the historical context of Viking warfare and culture.
  14. Erik the Conqueror
    • A classic film that delves into Viking raids and conquests in medieval Europe.
  15. Outlander
    • A sci-fi twist where an extraterrestrial crash-lands in Viking-era Norway, introducing an element of alien vs. Viking conflict.

Feel free to explore these movies like Vikings to satisfy your appetite for epic tales of warriors, exploration, and historical adventure!

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Movies Like Vikings

Certainly! If you're searching for movies similar to "Vikings," here's a list of films that share thematic elements, historical settings, or adventurous narratives akin to the popular Viking TV series: The 13th Warrior A tale [...]

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