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Movies Like Zulu

So, let’s talk about Movies Like Zulu for a sec. It’s a bit, um, shall we say, creatively loose with the historical facts, but it was the first flick to introduce Zulus to the mainstream crowd. Made in ’64 on a budget of about Β£4,000,000, Stanley Baker’s Diamonds Films chipped in some cash.

The plot? Well, it’s all about the epic battle, no distractions, just the good stuff. Those action scenes are a rollercoaster, thrilling and intense. Nigel Green, he’s the real deal as Colour-Sergeant Bourne in Movies Like Zulu. Michael Caine, in his first major gig, does okay as Lieutenant Bromhead in Movies Like Zulu, and Stanley Baker nails it as Lieutenant Chard in Movies Like Zulu.

Now, what’s cool about Movies Like Zulu is that it doesn’t paint the British soldiers as superhero types who don’t break a sweat. They’re genuinely disturbed by what they gotta do.

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