The Ultimate Water Park Adventure: Watch 'Aquaslash' Online

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Summary of Aquaslash

A bunch of high school buddies from Valley Hills High School decide to throw a totally rad party at a water park to celebrate their graduation. They go all out with a vintage theme, rocking old-school outfits and vibes. Little do they know, there's a creepy mystery waiting to unfold. You see, there's this super intense competition at the water park where teams compete for a big cash prize by zooming down epic water slides.

But here's the twist: an unknown psycho has rigged one of the slides with these massive metal blades shaped like giant "X"s. It's like something out of a horror movie! As the party gets going and everyone's having a blast in their hot bikinis and having a feast, things take a gruesome turn. The killer strikes, and it's a bloody spectacle nobody saw coming.

Release Date
Not Rated June. 23,2020
Genre Run Time
Horror/Mystery 1 hr 11 min
Director Writers
Renaud Gauthier Renaud Gauthier

Bloodstained Secrets: A Terrifying Night at Wet Valley Water Park

One dark night at Wet Valley Water Park, things take a horrifying turn when a killer armed with a machete attacks two teenagers who were getting intimate. It’s a gruesome scene that sends shockwaves through the community.

Fast forward to the graduating class of 2018 from Valley Hills High, who decide to spend a weekend at the water park to celebrate their graduation. The park is owned by Paul Wilkinson and supervised by him too. The group includes Josh, a member of a band called the Blades, along with his bandmates Chad and Slim. Priscilla, Paul’s wife, is there as well, although she’s secretly having an affair with a graduate named Alice. Tommy, who works at the park, Conrad the pool cleaner, and Kimberly, who is Josh’s ex-girlfriend and Tommy’s current girlfriend, complete the cast. Rumors start swirling among the students about Priscilla selecting one graduate each year for some steamy action.

The trouble begins when two drunk graduates take a wild ride down one of the water slides and end up hurting themselves. Paul, not wanting to drain the pool, orders Conrad to clean it instead. That night, Priscilla meets up with Josh’s father, Michael, a real estate developer, for a dinner date. Meanwhile, Josh and Kimberly find themselves in the showers, engaging in some intimate moments. Unbeknownst to them, their private encounter is recorded by another graduate named Phil. Later, the Blades perform a song in the park, and during their performance, the video of Josh and Kimberly gets shared with the rest of the graduates, including Tommy. Tommy, angered by the betrayal, confronts Josh and gets fired from the park.

Meanwhile, Michael reveals to Josh that he’s in negotiations with Paul to take ownership of the park. In the shadows, an unknown person installs a deadly contraption: a pair of large metal blades arranged in an “X” shape inside one of the water slides. The next day, tragedy strikes. Michael is shot and killed by an unseen attacker, and a young boy discovers a music player in the sand.

Later that day, the park’s annual competition begins. Teams of three members race down the slides, aiming to reach the pool below the fastest and win a cash prize. Tommy, worried about the safety of the slides, tries to warn everyone, but his concerns fall on deaf ears. As the teams descend, Alice and two others unknowingly choose the slide rigged with blades, meeting a gruesome fate. Tommy himself is pushed down the weaponized slide, becoming trapped and surrounded by the horrifying blades and the bodies caught in them. The pool below turns into a nightmarish scene of blood and severed limbs, causing panic among the onlookers.

Unaware of the danger, Paul and Priscilla continue to send teams down the slides and eventually decide to take a ride themselves. Josh tries to save Paul but fails, and both Josh and Conrad climb to the top of the slide in a desperate attempt to prevent others from sliding down. Unfortunately, they are forcefully pushed down, joining the victims in their horrific fate.

After the massacre, Josh, one of the few survivors, meets with a lawyer who informs him that Michael has left him his estate. Josh is given the authority to replace the water park with a shopping complex. In a shocking revelation, it is revealed that Priscilla, who witnessed her father’s death at the water park 35 years ago, was the one behind the installation of the deadly blades and the murder of Michael.

In a chilling mid-credits scene, the young boy with the music player emerges from the pool of blood, leaving us with an eerie sense of what might come next.

Aquaslash Cast

  • Nicolas Fontaine as Josh
  • Brittany Drisdelle as Priscilla
  • Nick Walker as Paul
  • Madelline Harvey as Alice
  • Paul Zinno as Tommy
  • Chip Chuipka as Conrad
  • HoJo Rose as Michael Randall
  • Ryan Ali as Slim
  • Cameron Geller as Chad
  • Lanisa Dawn as Kimberley
  • Ivan D. Ossa as Big Phil
  • Samantha Hodhod as Cindy
  • Jeremy Lavigne as Brad
  • Suzanna Lenir as Mrs. Danforth
  • Owen Bruemmer as Jimmy
  • Xavier Sotelo as Lawyer

Aquaslash Review

Short and sweet, this movie manages to keep you entertained. The cast is easy on the eyes and delivers decent performances. The suspense leading up to the gory climax, set in the pool, keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s actually quite fun guessing which slide is the deadly one among the three. Don’t set your expectations too high, and you’ll likely find it satisfying enough. Well, probably. If you’re looking for a better aqua park slasher experience, I recommend checking out Cameron Robique’s Kill River trilogy of books or watching the underrated gem, The Pool, starring James McAvoy, released around 2000 or maybe 1999.

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