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Summary of Baby Geniuses

Baby Geniuses is about this big company called BabyCo that makes baby stuff. But guess what? They have a huge secret that nobody knows about! Inside the company, there are two super smart scientists named Dr. Kinder and Dr. Heep. These brainiacs have been working like crazy to figure out the mysterious language that babies use, you know, the "baby talk." They believe that this special language holds the key to unlocking all the secrets of the universe. Sounds pretty wild, right?

Well, things get even crazier when this mischievous and sneaky toddler named Sly manages to escape from where he was being kept. Sly is the smartest of them all, and he's on a mission to bring all the babies together and set them free. But here's the problem: if Sly succeeds, it will ruin BabyCo's top-secret operation.

Now, Dr. Kinder and Dr. Heep are in a race against time to find Sly before it's too late. Can they outsmart these extraordinary baby geniuses and protect their groundbreaking research? It's a wild ride filled with adventure and suspense. Will they succeed? You'll have to watch the movie to find out!

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Baby Geniuses 1999 Plot

Dr. Elena Kinder and Dr. Heep are two scientists who run BabyCo’s theme park called “Joyworld.” They came up with a crazy theory that babies are actually super smart and have this special language called Babytalk. They believe that babies are born with all this universal knowledge, but when they start learning human languages around the age of 2 or 3, they forget it all. So they set up an underground research facility where they adopt babies from orphanages supported by BabyCo. These babies undergo a special method called the Kinder Method to turn them into little geniuses. The scientists want to crack the code of Babytalk by studying these eight baby geniuses.

Now, there’s this one mischievous toddler named Sylvester, nicknamed Sly. She’s different from the others because she was raised using an even better version of the Kinder Method. Sly keeps trying to escape from Dr. Kinder’s research facility. One day, she manages to get into a diaper truck and ends up in Joyworld. That’s where she runs into her long-lost twin brother, Whit, who was raised in a normal family. They have no idea they’re related, but they can communicate with each other telepathically.

The guards mistake Whit for Sylvester and take him back to the research facility. Meanwhile, Sly goes home with Whit’s adopted mom, Robin, who happens to be Dr. Kinder’s niece. When Dr. Kinder and the other baby geniuses find out about the switch, they see it as an opportunity to study the twins and decide to do a cross-evaluation. But then, Dr. Kinder discovers that a guy named Dan can understand babies too. She realizes that they may not need the research facility anymore.

Sylvester’s attempts to retrieve her fail, and Dr. Kinder decides to move the facility to Liechtenstein. Whit becomes the only normal baby left there until they can figure out how to bring Sylvester back. However, the babies at Dan’s place hypnotize the bus driver to take them to the research facility. Once they arrive, Sylvester takes control of the robots in the theme park and causes chaos among the lab scientists.

Meanwhile, the Bobbins, who are Whit’s real family, find out that their children are in the research facility thanks to their daughter Carrie. A big fight breaks out, and Dr. Kinder captures Whit, planning to escape on a helicopter. Robin and Dan chase after them, and on the rooftop, Dr. Kinder reveals that she and Robin are not actually related. Robin was adopted when she was 2 years old.

Finally, the police arrest Dr. Kinder, and Sylvester and Whit are reunited on the roof. Dan and Robin decide to adopt Sylvester, and although Dan is still curious about the secrets of life, the twins have “crossed over” and can no longer remember those secrets. Carrie, their sister, keeps their secrets and gives her father a sly smile because adults are not meant to know them.

Baby Geniuses 1999 Cast

  • Kathleen Turner as Dr. Elena Kinder
  • Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Heep
  • Peter MacNicol as Dan Bobbins (the biological father of Carrie and adoptive father of Whit & Sylvester)
  • Kim Cattrall as Robin Bobbins, Dan’s wife (the biological mother of Carrie and adoptive mother of Whit & Sylvester)
  • Dom DeLuise as Lenny, who is a janitor and sitter for Dan and Robin.
  • Ruby Dee as Margo, Dan and Robin’s housekeeper.
  • Kyle Howard as Dickie/Ice Pick, a teenage guru of the group in Dan and Robin’s family.
  • Kathleen Freeman as Lenny’s Noisy Neighbor (uncredited)
  • Jim Hanks as Goon Ray
  • Sam McMurray as Goon Bob
  • Dan Monahan as Reporter
  • Leo, Gerry and Myles Fitzgerald as Sylvester “Sly” & Whit (Voiced by Miko Hughes)
  • Brianna and Brittany McConnell as Lexi (Voiced by Lexi Thomas)
  • Gabrielle and Megan Robbins as Carrie Bobbins (Voiced by Aaron Spann & Scarlett Pomers)
  • Jacob and Zachary Handy as Ducy (Voiced by Seth Adkins)
  • Griffen and Connor Legget as Basil (Voiced by Scotty Leavenworth)
  • Amanda & Caitlin Fein as Teddie (Voiced by Ashli Adams)

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