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Summary of Bad Words

So, in this flick, we follow a dude who's got a ton of beef with his old man. Yeah, they're completely estranged, and he's brimming with pure hatred for the guy. But instead of just moping around, he decides to go all-in for some payback.

Here's the twist – he stumbles upon this epic loophole and decides to sneak his way into the National Spelling Bee! Yeah, you heard it right, as a full-grown adult! Can you imagine the outrage and controversy? That's a bold move, my friends!

Our protagonist, let's call him Guy Trilby, starts off with this grand plan to win the competition. He figures if he takes the crown, it'll totally humiliate his father, who's like, the big boss of the whole Spelling Bee Championship Organization. He's out for revenge and wants to see his old man's reputation crumble like a house of cards!

But here's where the twist comes in. As Guy dives deeper into the spelling world, he starts to experience some serious character development. Yeah, he's hanging out with these young spelling prodigies, forming unexpected friendships along the way.

Suddenly, he begins to question if this vendetta is really worth it. Is it worth sacrificing all these newfound connections and joy just for revenge? He's having some real soul-searching moments, folks.

And you know what? It hits him like a lightbulb moment. He realizes that revenge ain't the answer, man. It's just not worth all the angst and misery. Instead, he learns that the bond he forms with his fellow spellers is what truly matters. It's all about the camaraderie and finding joy in unexpected places.

So, there you have it, guys – Bad Words and all! A tale of vengeance, friendship, and the power of changing your path for the better. Go ahead, grab some popcorn, and dive into this rollercoaster of a movie! Enjoy!

Release Date
R March. 14,2014
Genre Run Time
Comedy 1 hr 29 min
Director Writers
Jason Bateman Andrew Dodge

Bad Words (2013) Plot

So, we’ve got this dude, Guy Trilby, who’s already in his forties. And guess what? He finds this crazy loophole in the Golden Quill Spelling Bee! The rule says you gotta be an eighth-grade dropout to participate, and that’s just perfect for him ’cause he left school early. Sneaky, right?

Guy enters the regional bee and takes the crown, no sweat! But that’s not enough – he’s got his sights set on the big stage – the national competition! And, boy, does he stir up some drama along the way. Confrontations with angry parents and bee hosts? You bet!

Hold on, there’s more! He’s got this journalist, Jenny Widgeon, trailing him around. She’s all pumped to turn his bee journey into a juicy story. But here’s where it gets interesting – Guy meets this 10-year-old kid, Chaitanya Chopra, also in the bee. And you won’t believe it – Chaitanya desperately wants to befriend Guy! Talk about an odd pairing!

Now, they’re in Los Angeles for the big showdown, and Guy decides to show Chaitanya the wild side of life – yep, they’re up to some mischief! Stealing food, drinking, and even hiring a prostitute to pull a crazy stunt. Can you imagine the chaos?

But the real craziness starts at the bee itself! Guy’s playing some wicked mind games with his competitors. From teasing about affairs to fake period pranks, he’s got everyone in a tizzy. Even the spelling bee organizers are furious!

But hold on tight, folks, ’cause there’s a huge revelation! Jenny uncovers a secret – Dr. William Bowman, the founder of the bee, is Guy’s father! And you won’t believe the reason Guy entered the bee – it’s all about revenge! Yeah, he wanted to embarrass his dad for ditching him and his mom back in the day.

As the competition narrows down to Guy and Chaitanya, things get super intense! They start sabotaging each other like crazy. Burning study books, filing false police reports – it’s a battle of wits!

When it comes down to the final face-off, Guy decides to do the unexpected – he deliberately misspells a word to let Chaitanya win. But guess what? Chaitanya proves he’s a true friend too, and he intentionally misses his word as well!

And that’s when all hell breaks loose! A wild fight breaks out on stage, police intervention, and some serious embarrassment for Dr. Bowman! But hey, amidst the chaos, Guy’s secret is revealed, and he finally reconnects with his father.

In the end, Guy and Chaitanya find a way to make peace. They become unconventional buddies, and Guy uses his share of the winnings to help Chaitanya stand up to his bullies.

So, there you have it – a rollercoaster of a movie filled with Bad Words, rivalry, friendship, and redemption! Grab some popcorn and dive into this whirlwind of emotions! Enjoy the ride!

Bad Words (2013) Cast

  • Jason Bateman as Guy Trilby
  • Kathryn Hahn as Jenny Widgeon
  • Rohan Chand as Chaitanya Chopra
  • Ben Falcone as Pete Fowler
  • Philip Baker Hall as Dr. William Bowman
  • Allison Janney as Dr. Bernice Deagan
  • Rachael Harris as Mrs. Tai
  • Judith Hoag as Petal Dubois
  • Beth Grant as Irene
  • Patricia Belcher as Ingrid Cole
  • Anjul Nigam as Sriram
  • Michael Patrick McGill as Beet-Red Father
  • Bob Stephenson as Bill Murhoff
  • Steve Witting as Proctor
  • Greg Cromer as Jeremy
  • Ethan Dizon as Ricky Irvine
  • Madison Hu as Ling Quan

Bad Words (2013) Review

Oh boy, let me tell you about this BAD WORDS movie I just saw – hands down one of the funniest flicks in ages! From start to finish, it’s an absolute hilarious rollercoaster ride with an ending that’ll touch your heart.

Now, listen up, if you’re the type who can’t stand crude, rude, and foul-mouthed humor, this one’s right up your alley, HAHAHAHA! It’s got that perfect blend of naughty jokes that’ll leave you in stitches.

And let me tell you, Jason Bateman – he’s a true Comedy GOD! This guy can rock any role and turn it into a 5-star masterpiece. No kidding, he’s got that magic touch that deserves a spot in the Actors Hall of Fame.

So, my fellow American English movie lovers, do yourselves a favor and get ready to laugh your hearts out with this hilarious and heartfelt gem of a movie – full of BAD WORDS but with an incredible touch of comedic genius! You won’t regret it!

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