Thrilling Journey and Narrow Escape: Watch Bleed (2016) Online

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Summary of Bleed

Right after Sarah and Matt tied the knot, surprise! Sarah got pregnant. So, they packed their bags and moved to a swanky new crib. To break into the place, they threw a big bash and invited all their pals over. But here's where things take a spooky twist. They thought it'd be a blast to check out the remains of this old prison that had burned down ages ago. Little did they know, the ghosts hanging around weren't exactly Casper-style friendly. These innocent-looking spirits turned into some seriously deadly hunters. So now, our unlucky gang of buddies has to deal with freaky stuff happening in both the regular world and the ghost world. And let's be real, and no one's safe here – not even the baby that's still cooking in the oven.

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Bleed (2016) Plot

Matt and his expecting wife Sarah embarked on a new adventure as they acquired a charming house nestled in the heart of rural Georgia. This weekend, their lively friends Dave and Bree decided to pay them a visit, injecting the air with excitement. However, the plot took an unexpected twist when Sarah’s twin brother Eric, who was currently experiencing a financial drought, made an unanticipated appearance alongside his girlfriend Skye.

As they all gathered under one roof, Eric regaled everyone with tales of his nationwide escapades, filming eerie ghost-hunting videos in locations rumored to bleed with supernatural energy. With a twinkle in his eye and a persuasive demeanor, he managed to convince the group to accompany him on his latest venture—an expedition to a dilapidated, long-forgotten jail. This grim structure was the site of a gruesome historical event—the execution of the infamous reverend, Cannibal Kane, who met a fiery end. Legends whispered that the jail still resonated with his malevolent spirit.

Despite her initial hesitation, Sarah chose not to join the hunting expedition. However, destiny had its own plans for her. As she bid farewell to her friends and watched them vanish into the distance, her vehicle abruptly broke down on a desolate country road. Stranded and alone, she was soon offered a ride by seemingly friendly locals who, unbeknownst to her, were entwined with a shadowy ritualistic cult, a group that reveled in the dark energies that seemed to bleed from the land.

Meanwhile, the group exploring the abandoned jail realized that they were trapped within its decaying walls, their escape thwarted by an enigmatic supernatural force that seemed to bleed from the very essence of the place. The air was charged with eerie electricity, and their nerves began to fray as they confronted the chilling reality that their lives had become intertwined with the malevolent legacy of Cannibal Kane.

Bleed (2016) Cast

  • Chelsey Cripp as Sarah
  • Riley Smith as Eric
  • Michael Steger as Matt
  • Lyndon Smith as Skye
  • Elimu Nelson as Dave
  • Brittany Ishibashi as Bree
  • Isabella Watts as Anna Harris
  • Rajinder Kala as Reverend Kane
  • David Yow as Deputy Wilson
  • Mark Ashworth as Deputy Clayton
  • Robert Kelly as Captain

Bleed (2016) Review

It was like a picture-perfect dream, a brand-new house, the bliss of a budding marriage, and the anticipation of a soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. But as Sarah and Matt decided to throw a celebration for their friends, the idyllic scene took a sinister twist, turning into a heart-pounding nightmare as they ventured into the charred remains of a prison, hunting for the supernatural.

Bleed, crafted by the creative minds of Tripp Rhame and Ben Jacoby, with Rhame at the helm of direction, spins a tale of horror and mystery. Here’s a fun nugget for you: that very same bar you saw in The Walking Dead, where Hershel’s struggles take place in Season 2, makes a cameo as the opening scene’s setting in this movie.

Our journey unfolds in 1979, introducing us to nine-year-old Ana, who strolls into town for some candy, only to find herself in a chilling chase and abduction after the locals spot a moon-shaped birthmark on her wrist. Fast forward to modern times, where expectant parents Sarah and Matt are settling into their new home. A flat tire leads to an eerie encounter with the local sheriff, whose strange behavior follows his discovery of a moon-shaped birthmark on Sarah’s neck. The stage is set for the realization that they might have picked the wrong town to move to.

As the couple opens their doors to friends Bree and Dave, Sarah’s free-spirited twin brother Eric crashes the party uninvited, alongside his girlfriend Skye.

The intrigue heightens when Ana’s grave is stumbled upon near the house, leading Eric and Skye to recount their ghostly escapades. However, their tales fall on skeptical ears, except for Eric’s disclosure that he and Sarah encountered spectral entities in their childhood, saved by a swarm of butterflies. An unsettled Sarah takes a solo drive.

Amidst the group, Dave sheds light on a local serial killer, the gruesome Cannibal Kane, known for devouring his victims. Kane’s life led him to a prison that went up in flames, consuming all within. The ashes of the prison are rumored to be haunted, triggering the decision for a ghost-hunting expedition.

As the friends step into the remains of the prison, a malevolent otherworldly presence looms, and the specter of Kane emerges, menacingly reaching out. Sarah spared from his assault, is presented with a butterfly—a symbol linking to her past. The visceral, blood-soaked effects amplify the film’s tension, and the spirits of the townsfolk chase Sarah while her companions meet gory fates within the prison’s walls.

Hints of occultism lace the storyline with a touch of mystique, but as the plot winds toward its climax, confusion sets in. Who or what is after Sarah and her unborn child? The puzzle entangles, leaving questions in its wake. Will Sarah emerge from the chaos unscathed? Can her baby survive the malevolence that surrounds them? And what remains of her friends? Only by watching Bleed will you unlock the answers to these enigmatic queries.

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