Boy (2010)

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Summary of Boy

Alright, folks, let me tell you about this awesome movie called "Boy" that's set back in 1984. So, we've got this 11-year-old Boy living on a farm with his little brother Rocky, who's all about magic and believing he's got some special powers. They're not alone, though, as they share the farmhouse with their grandmother and a super lively goat. Life's going pretty usual until Gran goes away for a week, and suddenly it's up to Boy to take charge of the household.

But wait, here comes the twist! Out of the blue, Boy's long-lost father, Alamein, shows up! Man, this Boy had this idealized image of his dad, picturing him as this heroic figure while he was away. But guess what? Reality smacks him in the face when he meets the real deal - a clumsy and not-so-smooth criminal. Alamein's back to find some bag of money he buried years ago, and this is where our goat buddy comes into play, tying its fate with the whole rollercoaster of events.

As the story unfolds, Boy is dealing with the mixed emotions of his dad's return and the treasure hunt going on. And guess what again? The goat, yep, it's right there with them, playing a crucial role in their journey and bringing unexpected surprises along the way. Can you imagine? A goat being a key player in all this drama!

So there you have it, a coming-of-age story filled with family twists, treasure hunts, and a cool goat in the mix. It's a wild ride that'll keep you hooked until the very end, especially with the hilarious antics of Boy's not-so-heroic dad and the goat adding some magic of its own to the tale!

Release Date
NR March. 02,2012
Genre Run Time
Drama , Comedy 1 hr 27 min
Director Writers
Taika Waititi Taika Waititi

Boy (2010) Plot

Hey there, fellow movie buffs! Let me tell you about this fantastic film called “Boy” set in 1984, in a small farm town in New Zealand. Our main character is an 11-year-old kid named Alamein, but everyone calls him Boy. He’s living with his grandma, his little brother Rocky, and a bunch of cousins. Sounds like a lively bunch, right?

Boy spends his time daydreaming about Michael Jackson, hanging out with friends named Dallas, Dynasty, and Falcon Crest (yep, they’re all siblings), trying to impress a girl named Chardonnay at school, chatting with his pet goat, and making up wild stories about his dad, Alamein, who’s been away for a while.

One day, while Grandma is away for a funeral, guess who shows up? Boy’s long-lost dad, Alamein, along with a couple of his buddies. Boy is thrilled, thinking his dad came back to take them away, but Rocky’s not so sure about the whole thing. Turns out, Alamein isn’t there to be a great dad; he’s actually hunting for some money he hid before getting into trouble with the law.

Boy joins his dad and his “Crazy Horses” gang to help find this treasure, thinking it’s gonna be an exciting adventure. Alamein even tries to be a cool dad by cutting Boy’s hair to look like Michael Jackson, but let’s just say it doesn’t turn out so great. They go on some wild rides, get revenge on bullies, and even end up with some stolen marijuana from a local gang!

But things take a darker turn when Alamein gets frustrated, leaves Boy behind, and takes off with the gang. Boy finds the hidden money and gets all excited to share the news with his dad, but instead, Alamein gets angry and things get messy.

As the story unfolds, Boy starts to see his dad’s true colors and realizes that the dad he imagined isn’t real. He faces some tough truths about his father, and it’s a real emotional rollercoaster. Plus, there’s drama with the local gang, some heartbreak, and even a tragic accident involving the goat.

But, hey, there’s some redemption in the end! Boy finally confronts his dad about all the pain and disappointment, and it’s a powerful moment. While the gang’s gone, Boy reconnects with friends, apologizes to Dynasty, and even visits his mother’s grave.

The movie ends on a hopeful note, with Boy, Rocky, and Alamein sitting together at the grave, maybe finding some closure. And guess what? There’s even a fun dance sequence during the credits with all the major characters showing off some cool moves!

“Boy” is a coming-of-age story filled with family, forgiveness, and facing reality, all set against the backdrop of a charming New Zealand farm. It’s a heartfelt journey that’ll tug at your heartstrings and leave you with a mix of emotions, just like any great flick!

Boy (2010) Cast

  • James Rolleston as Boy, a Māori kid who is a huge fan of Michael Jackson, Boy dreams of becoming rich and going to the city with his father, brother, and his pet goat. His real name is Alamein, like his father.
  • Te Aho Aho Eketone-Whitu as Rocky, Boy’s shy younger brother who believes he has superpowers.
  • Taika Waititi as Alamein, Boy and Rocky’s father; an ex-convict and former national serviceman who wants to be the leader of a biker gang, and comes back to Waihau Bay to find his lost money.
  • Moerangi Tihore as Dynasty, Dallas’ sister and one of Boy’s best friends. She is the daughter of a biker and seems to have feelings for Boy.
  • Cherilee Martin as Kelly, Boy’s same-age cousin, who lives with him in the same house, with her three kid sisters.
  • RickyLee Waipuka-Russell as Chardonnay, a teenage girl that Boy has a crush on, and who totally ignores him.
  • Haze Reweti as Dallas, one of Boy’s best friends.
  • Maakariini Butler as Murray, one of Boy’s friends from school.
  • Rajvinder Eria as Tane, Boy’s Indian friend, who is always alongside Murray and Dallas.
  • Manihera Rangiuaia as Kingi, a school bully who often bullies Boy. He wears a Michael Jackson “Thriller” jacket.
  • Darcy Ray Flavell-Hudson as Holden, Kingi’s older brother, who also bullies Boy but comes to fear Boy’s father Alamein and comes to admire him.
  • Rachel House as Aunty Gracey, the sister of Boy’s deceased mother, who owns a store in front of the sea.
  • Waihoroi Shortland as Weirdo, a strange man who lives near the bridge, and appears to always be looking for something. He seems to be childish and inoffensive.
  • Cohen Holloway as Chuppa, a friend of Alamein, who is an ex-convict and very foolish, along with Juju.
    Pana Hema Taylor as Juju, the other of Alamein’s friends. Like Chuppa, he is always getting himself in trouble alongside the kids.
  • Craig Hall as Mr. Langston, the Pākehā school principal, who studied with Boy’s parents.
  • Mavis Paenga as Nan, Boy’s grandmother and Alamein’s mother. She travels to someone’s funeral for two weeks, leaving Boy in charge. She calls the children “My Mokos”, which is short for mokopuna, the Māori word for grandchildren.

Boy (2010) Review

Taika Waititi, the mastermind behind this film, not only wrote and directed it but also played a major role in it. You know what’s cool about his movies? They’re a perfect blend of gritty realism and fantastic humor. And this one is no different! Picture this: the setting is a quaint rural town in 1984 New Zealand, and our main character Boy is this awesome 11-year-old kid.

So, here’s the deal. Boy’s grandma has to attend a funeral, and she leaves him in charge of his younger brother and a bunch of other kids. But guess what happens next? Boy’s long-lost dad, Elamain, shows up fresh out of prison, looking for some buried treasure he stashed before getting caught.

But hold on a second, this dad isn’t exactly father-of-the-year material. He’s pretty immature and only cares about himself. He lives in his own little fantasy world with two buddies he calls the “Wild Horses,” which, let’s face it, aren’t really the brightest bunch.

So, while Boy’s left to handle the responsibilities, he gets pulled into his dad’s questionable behavior. Yep, we’re talking smoking dope and sipping beer while digging for treasure. But hey, you know what Boy’s all about? Michael Jackson! He’s his idol, and sometimes he imagines his dad dancing like the King of Pop.

This film gives us a raw look into the breakdown of New Zealand culture and family through the eyes of Boy. But wait, it’s not all gloomy! We also get a glimpse into the fantastic, imaginative world of Boy, his brother, and their neighborhood pals. They might not have much, but they’ve got freedom, like the good ol’ days in the ’70s and early ’80s.

Taika Waititi plays this flamboyant, charismatic guy in his early 30s, who’s trying his best to avoid growing up and being responsible. At first, Boy idolizes his dad, but as the story unfolds, he begins to see his true colors and realizes what a big-time loser he is.

Now, I gotta admit, some scenes get a little uncomfortable, especially when you see how dangerous and nasty the dad can be around the kids. But hey, the movie knows how to balance it all out. Those musical dream sequences keep things light, capturing the children’s reality brilliantly.

So, get ready for a heartfelt, humorous, and at times, bittersweet ride with Boy and his crew, as they navigate the ups and downs of family, dreams, and growing up in a small-town backdrop. This film’s got it all!

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