Caveat (2022)

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Summary of Caveat

Caveat sets the stage for a captivating tale about Isaac, an introverted nomad grappling with shattered recollections, who reluctantly takes on the responsibility of looking after Olga, his landlord's distressed niece. Stranded on a desolate island with nothing but an old house, Isaac receives a crucial warning: he must never venture beyond its borders. As Barrett leaves him to his own devices, an eerie and sinister plot begins to unfold, throwing Isaac into a harrowing game against his own resurfacing memories. Survival becomes his top priority as he finds himself traversing the treacherous terrain of his own psyche, bravely confronting the horrors that lie in wait. With each step he takes, he must grapple with the caveats of his own mind, discovering secrets that could shatter his very existence. The journey ahead promises to be both thrilling and terrifying, as Isaac battles his inner demons and uncovers the hidden truths that could change everything.

Release Date
Not Rated July. 28,2022
Genre Run Time
Horror , Mystery 1 hr 28 min
Director Writers
Damian Mc Carthy Damian Mc Carthy

Caveat (2022) Plot

In this spine-chilling tale, we follow the journey of Isaac, a wanderer with no memory, who gets roped into an unsettling situation by his friend and landlord, Moe Barrett. Moe tasks Isaac with taking care of his niece, Olga, who has a mysterious condition that makes her slip into a catatonic state without warning, posing a danger to herself on their isolated island. But there’s a Caveat to the job – Isaac must wear a restrictive harness that confines him to specific areas of the house.

As Isaac spends time in the eerie house, he learns about the disturbing history of Olga’s family. Her mother went missing after locking her husband in the basement, and Olga’s father tragically lost his sanity due to extreme claustrophobia, ultimately ending his life. Isaac also discovers that when Olga is lucid, she wanders around with a creepy crossbow and a disturbing toy rabbit with lifelike glass eyes.

The story takes a supernatural turn when Isaac experiences unexplainable phenomena and uses the rabbit doll to uncover Olga’s mother’s corpse hidden behind a basement wall. Olga shares a shocking revelation with Isaac – she claims that Moe and her father were responsible for her mother’s death, as they cruelly enjoyed exploiting her husband’s fear of confined spaces. Moe even had sinister plans to kill his own brother, but he couldn’t go through with it. Instead, he cunningly hired Isaac to trap Olga’s father in the basement, leading to his tragic demise.

Isaac manages to break free from the harness by finding the key on Olga’s mother’s corpse. As he attempts to escape, Olga tries to kill him but falls into a catatonic state. Seizing the opportunity, Isaac locks Olga in the harness. In a surprising twist, his memory returns, revealing that he wasn’t responsible for Olga’s father’s death. In fact, he had tried to warn him with a note that Moe discovered and acted violently against him. Isaac’s memory loss was a result of being pushed off a balcony by Moe, but he miraculously survived.

In a desperate bid to escape, Isaac navigates through a crawl space, only to be haunted by Olga’s mother, whose corpse he discovered earlier. When he attempts to saw through the basement wall, he realizes the corpse’s head has moved, indicating something even more sinister. Moe arrives on the scene, and Isaac tries to make his presence known through a hole in the wall. However, Olga shoots Moe with the crossbow, locking him in the basement.

With a heart-pounding escape, Isaac manages to get out of the house, freeing a chained dog on his way. Outside, he encounters Olga still trapped in the harness, adding to the nerve-wracking suspense. This gripping tale of deceit, manipulation, and hidden secrets will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Caveat – be prepared for an intense and haunting cinematic experience!

Caveat (2022) Cast

  • Jonathan French as Isaac
  • Leila Sykes as Olga
  • Ben Caplan as Moe Barrett, Olga’s uncle
  • Conor Dwane as Olga’s dad

Caveat (2022) Review

If someone offers you money to babysit a disturbed adult niece in a remote County Cork house where her father recently died, Caveat! Don’t jump into it right away. In the eerie horror film “Caveat,” we follow Isaac, a drifter with memory loss, who takes on the job out of desperation, even though he knows there’s a catch. And trust me, the catch is more than he bargained for.

The first warning sign pops up when Isaac discovers the house is situated on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere. And to make matters worse, he can’t even swim! The situation already sounds dire, but that’s just the beginning.

Caveat: The niece, Olga, has her quirks too. She’s afraid of nighttime attacks, so Isaac ends up tethered to a chain, unable to reach the bedroom or even the toilet. And the key to unlock the medieval leather vest he’s forced to wear? Better not even ask where it’s hidden. “Every job has a uniform,” says Moe, his potential employer and supposed old friend, adding another layer of unease.

While the film requires some suspension of disbelief to accept its premise, Damian Mc Carthy’s directorial debut skillfully keeps you on edge, overshadowing any logical gaps. The tension keeps mounting, and the claustrophobic atmosphere of the creepy island house seeps under your skin.

It’s impressive how Mc Carthy manages to work around financial constraints and create such a haunting experience. Every detail, from the peeling wallpaper to the dilapidated floorboards, immerses you in the nightmarish setting. The horror sequences are hair-raising, like Olga’s sleepwalking with a terrifying toy rabbit or her cat-and-mouse game with Isaac using a crossbow.

However, the film’s mix-and-match approach between genres might leave some viewers wanting a more solid foundation. There’s an intriguing backstory lurking behind the walls of the house, but it remains somewhat elusive, adding to the Lynchian dream-like quality. Despite that, Mc Carthy’s talent shines through, leaving us eager to see what he’ll bring in the future.

In conclusion, “Caveat” offers a chilling ride with some unsettling moments and a promising directorial debut from Mc Carthy. So, if you’re up for a suspenseful experience that lingers long after the credits roll, this film might be worth your time. Caveat though, you might find yourself wanting more concrete answers by the end.

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