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Summary of Dan in Real Life

Dan in Real Life: Meet Dan Burns, the ultimate relationship guru! He's got this incredible job as an advice columnist, where he dishes out expert tips to people in need. But, hey, life isn't all roses for Dan. Nope, not at all! In fact, he's dealing with some real rollercoaster emotions while trying to balance being a caring brother, a devoted son, and a super cool single dad to his three hilariously witty daughters.

Now, here's where things take a juicy twist! Picture this: Dan finds himself head over heels, completely smitten! And who's the lucky lady, you ask? None other than his very own brother's girlfriend! Gasp! Can you imagine the drama, the tension, and the dilemmas that unfold?

It's like a heartwarming yet complicated dance of emotions as Dan navigates the treacherous waters of love and family ties. Can he keep his feelings in check, or will they ignite a wildfire of chaos within his close-knit clan?

Filled with laughter, tears, and plenty of "aww" moments, Dan in Real Life takes you on a whirlwind journey of self-discovery, love, and the undeniable messiness of real-life relationships. So grab your popcorn and tissues, because this rom-com rollercoaster is one you won't want to miss!

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Dan in Real Life (2007) Plot

Dan in Real Life is all about Dan Burns, a widower and an advice columnist who’s nailing the single-parenting game with his three awesome daughters in North Jersey. Every year, they head over to their family gathering at their parents’ place in beautiful Rhode Island. It’s a time filled with laughter, love, and a little bit of chaos.

So, Dan stumbles upon Marie, this incredible woman, in a cozy bookshop. They share a muffin and have this heartwarming talk, but, ah, there’s a little catch – she’s got a new boyfriend. Bummer, right? Back at the family’s house, Dan spills the beans about meeting someone special, and everyone’s rooting for him to take the plunge.

Here’s where things get tricky – dun dun dun – Mitch, Dan’s carefree brother, shows up with his new girlfriend, and guess who it is? Yup, it’s Marie! Awkward much? Poor Dan’s heart sinks, and he’s not exactly thrilled about his dad’s “wise” advice on finding love.

Dan reluctantly agrees to a double date with an old childhood friend, Ruthie, who’s got quite the nickname, “Pig Face” Draper. Marie, not too happy about it, watches them closely. Things get even tenser when Dan faces the silent treatment and munches on burnt pancakes as his punishment. Ouch!

But hold on, folks, there’s hope! During the family talent show, Dan and Marie connect through a heartfelt song. Sparks are flying, and it looks like love’s in the air! However, things take a wild turn when Marie breaks up with Mitch and Dan’s family accidentally crashes their date at the bowling alley. Cue a face-punch, a hurried departure, and some serious teenage drama.

With emotions running high, Dan’s daughters are really ticked off at him, especially middle daughter Cara, who’s struggling with her own love life. But hey, family’s got each other’s backs, right? They all travel to New York City, where they finally find Marie, and it’s a chance for Dan to prove himself.

In the end, Dan and Marie tie the knot in a beautiful wedding at his parents’ Rhode Island home. Love conquers all, and even Mitch finds happiness with Ruthie. It’s a heartwarming journey of surprises, lessons, and learning to embrace the unexpected in life.

So, dear movie buffs, Dan in Real Life is a delightful blend of love, family bonds, and those crazy twists that make life an unforgettable adventure. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and a whole lot of love!

Dan in Real Life (2007) Cast

  • Steve Carell as Dan Burns, a widower and father of three daughters
  • Juliette Binoche as Marie Diamond, Mitch’s girlfriend and Dan’s love interest
  • Alison Pill as Jane Burns, Dan’s eldest daughter
  • Brittany Robertson as Cara Burns, Dan’s second daughter
  • Marlene Lawston as Lilly Burns, Dan’s youngest daughter
  • Dane Cook as Mitch Burns, Dan’s brother
  • John Mahoney as John “Poppy” Burns, Dan’s father
  • Dianne Wiest as Nana Burns, Dan’s mother
  • Norbert Leo Butz as Clay Burns, Dan’s brother
  • Jessica Hecht as Amy Burns, Dan’s sister
  • Amy Ryan as Eileen Burns, Clay’s wife
  • Frank Wood as Howard Wilson, Amy’s husband
  • Emily Blunt as Ruthie “Pigface” Draper, Dan’s blind date
  • Felipe Dieppa as Marty, Cara’s boyfriend
  • Bernie McInerney as James Lamson, newspaper proprietor
  • Amy Landecker as Cindy Lamson, newspaper editor
  • Matthew Morrison as policeman
  • Stephen Mellor as bookstore clerk
  • Henry Miller as Will Burns, Clay and Eileen’s oldest son
  • Ella Miller as Rachel Burns, Clay and Eileen’s oldest daughter
  • Cameron “CJ” Adams as Elliot Burns, Clay and Eileen’s youngest son
  • Jessica Lussier as Jessica Burns, Clay and Eileen’s youngest daughter
  • Seth D’Antuono as Gus Wilson, Amy & Howard’s son
  • Margot Janson as Olivia Wilson, Amy & Howard’s oldest daughter
  • Willa Cuthrell-Tuttleman as Bella Wilson, Amy & Howard’s youngest daughter
  • Shana Carr as Suzanne Burns, Dan’s late wife
  • Lucas Hedges as Lilly’s Dance Partner

Dan in Real Life (2007) Review

Oh boy, Dan in Real Life is one heck of a movie that had me hooked from start to finish! I mean, seriously, I loved it so much! It’s like a big ol’ bowl of sweetness and cuteness, sprinkled with multiple love stories all happening at once. You can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside while watching it.

Let me tell you, the plot and creativity in this film are top-notch! It’s like a rollercoaster ride of emotions and surprises. Every scene had me on the edge of my seat, wondering what twist would come next and how the characters’ choices would play out. It’s so refreshing to see such a unique storyline that keeps you guessing and engaged throughout.

And oh my, the characters are just incredible! They’re all so endearing and relatable, with real feelings and emotions. You won’t find any annoying, one-dimensional characters here. Each of them has their own quirks and struggles, and you can’t help but root for them. Personally, I’ve got a soft spot for Ruthie, even though she’s not on the screen all that much – she’s just too lovable!

This movie is not only heartwarming but also hilarious! I was laughing out loud throughout the entire thing. The witty humor and well-timed jokes add the perfect touch to an already delightful experience.

Trust me, I’d wholeheartedly recommend Dan in Real Life to any of my movie-loving buddies! It’s a feel-good film that’s perfect for a movie night with friends or family. So grab some popcorn, cozy up, and get ready to fall in love with this charming gem!

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