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Summary of Doghouse

In Doghouse, we meet Jack, a recently divorced guy who's going through a really tough time and feeling pretty down. But his loyal buddies are there for him, even though they have their own love troubles to deal with. They come up with a plan to cheer him up – a weekend getaway to a rustic cabin in the woods. They call it the Doghouse retreat!

As they arrive in the charming little town of Harmonyville, they notice something unusual. The town's population consists mainly of women, outnumbering men three to one. Jack and his pals think, "Well, this is a Doghouse paradise!" But little do they know that the town has a creepy secret.

Suddenly, strange things start happening around them. Doghouse-related signs keep popping up, leading them to a shocking discovery. Harmonyville is infested with crazed, flesh-eating zombie squirrels! These Doghouse zombies are on a killing spree, and they are definitely not your average cuddly pets.

The friends now find themselves trapped in the ultimate Doghouse dilemma. They must fend off the relentless zombie squirrels while trying to sort out their own relationship woes. It's an action-packed and hilarious rollercoaster as they navigate through this unexpected Doghouse adventure.

Will Jack and his pals make it out of Harmonyville alive? Can they conquer their personal demons while facing these monstrous, furry foes? Join them on this wild and wacky ride as they fight for survival and learn the true meaning of friendship and love in the craziest Doghouse scenario imaginable!

Release Date
Not Rated June. 12,2009
Genre Run Time
Horror , Comedy 1 hr 29 min
Director Writers
Jake West Dan Schaffer

Doghouse (2009) Plot

Doghouse tells the story of Vince, a guy who’s going through a rough patch after his divorce. To cheer him up, his buddies Neil, Mikey, Graham, Matt, Patrick, and Banksy decide to take him on an epic “boys’ weekend” adventure. They hire a minibus driven by the charismatic Candy and head to the mysterious town of Moodley, where rumors say that women outnumber men four to one. Sounds like a Doghouse paradise, right?

However, when they arrive in Moodley, things are strangely quiet and not as expected. The town seems deserted, and they can’t find any women around. But the situation takes a terrifying turn when they witness a hooded teenage girl being attacked by a crazed man in military uniform. The boys rush to help, but the hooded girl ends up stabbing Neil in the chaos. They retreat to the minibus with an unconscious soldier, only to discover that Candy has turned into one of those infected women too!

Now, they are stuck in a full-on Doghouse situation, surrounded by infected women hungry for human flesh. They find shelter in Mikey’s grandmother’s house, but the horrors keep piling up. The soldier reveals that the town is infected by a dangerous biological agent that transforms women into cannibals. Doghouse nightmare, right?

They try to escape on the minibus, but the infected women are relentless. They split up and hide in various shops to survive, each facing their own terrifying encounters. Eventually, they regroup in the local church, where they stumble upon a military command center. There, they learn about a sonic device meant to stun the evolved “Phase 2” monsters these infected women become. But, of course, the device malfunctions, and chaos ensues.

As the situation becomes more dire, Banksy finally arrives in Moodley, joining the surviving group. With limited options and plenty of tension, they attempt to escape in Banksy’s small Smart car. Unfortunately, not everyone makes it out alive. The infected women continue to pursue them, leading to a thrilling and terrifying chase.

In the end, the surviving few, including Vince, must confront the horrifying reality of the world they now inhabit. Vince reflects on his past behavior and resolves to change for the better, realizing that the real Doghouse is how they treated women in their lives. As they struggle to survive and make their escape, the story ends with a mix of fear and laughter.

So, in this Doghouse horror-comedy adventure, the group of friends faces not only the undead but also the consequences of their actions. Will they find a way to overcome the Doghouse nightmare they’ve stumbled into, or will they become victims of the flesh-eating zombie women of Moodley? Watch the movie to find out!

Doghouse (2009) Cast

  • Stephen Graham as Vince
  • Danny Dyer as Neil
  • Noel Clarke as Mikey Mouse
  • Lee Ingleby as Matt. Character was based on a friend of the writer – Matt Booker of Automattic Comics who is a big Star Wars fan and also preferred retailer of Schaffer’s Dogwitch comic.
  • Keith-Lee Castle as Patrick
  • Emil Marwa as Graham
  • Neil Maskell as Banksy
  • Christina Cole as “Candy”. She introduces herself as Ruth; however, after a generous tip she agrees the boys can call her Candy.
  • Terry Stone as Sergeant Gavin Wright
  • Nicola Jane Reading as the Witch/ Zombird Army – Nightgown
  • Jenna Goodwin as Dorothy Perkins/ Zombird Army – Librarian
  • Emily Booth as The Snipper, a hairdresser who attacks with her scissors
  • Tree Carr as Julie Mini-Mart
  • Ria Knowles as Pigtails
  • Alison Carroll as The Teen
  • Deborah Hyde as The Barmaid at the local pub The Cock and Bull
  • Victoria Hopkins as The Bride
  • Beryl Nesbitt as Mikey’s Grandmother
  • Mary Tamm as Meg Nut, local politician.
  • Billy Murray as Colonel
  • Adele Silva as Bex, Mikey’s Wife
  • Jessica-Jane Clement as Neil’s young woman
  • Khemico Lumampao as the prostitute

Doghouse (2009) Review

If all you take from this Doghouse film is the excuse to whine about sexism and misogyny, you are missing the whole point.

It’s OTT (over the top), but that’s what makes it so much fun! This movie pokes fun at itself, and it’s tongue in cheek humor adds to the enjoyment.

It’s a romp, and in this day and age of any excuse to label something a “Zombie Flick,” it finds new ways to make me laugh.

So, unbunch your panties and get the popcorn out! Doghouse is a wild ride that will leave you entertained and laughing throughout!

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