Double Dragon (1994)

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Summary of Double Dragon

In a wild future California, Double Dragon takes us 15 years after a massive earthquake has mashed up San Diego and Los Angeles into a super city. We follow two cool teenage bros who each hold a special piece of an ancient Chinese talisman, which is packed with serious power. And guess what? There's this rich dude named Koga Shuko, or Guisman, who's got the other half and is totally obsessed with getting the brothers' part. Why? 'Cause he wants to stick the two pieces together and gain control over the legendary Double Dragon talisman's mind-blowing abilities!

Picture this: a post-apocalyptic world as the backdrop, where the bros get caught up in a crazy high-stakes battle to protect their half of the talisman from falling into the wrong hands. Man, it's intense! The city's fate hangs in the balance, and they gotta navigate a dangerous wasteland filled with all sorts of enemies—some human, others supernatural—who want to use the talisman's power for their wicked plans.

But it's not just about survival and power struggles, my friend. Along their journey to safeguard the talisman, the brothers face their deepest fears and limits, discovering hidden strengths and forming unbreakable bonds. It's a real test of character, you know?

And as the fight between good and evil heats up, these bros become the key players in an epic showdown over the Double Dragon talisman. Whatever happens will shape the destiny of their post-earthquake world. So, buckle up and get ready for an action-packed ride through a futuristic landscape full of twists, turns, and some seriously cool martial arts action!

Release Date
PG-13 November. 04,1994
Genre Run Time
Adventure , Action , Comedy 1 hr 29 min
Director Writers
James Yukich Michael Davis, Peter Gould

Double Dragon (1994) Plot

In the crazy aftermath of a humongous earthquake that tore up southern California, the whole place is in ruins. Los Angeles is now called “New Angeles,” and it’s a total mess with floods, constant tremors, and nasty smog and acid rain.

Enter the bad dude Koga Shuko, a big-time crime boss and businessman. He’s all about this ancient, magical medallion called the Double Dragon, which got split into two pieces. He’s got one half, and he’s desperate to find the other half, so he sends his gang after it.

But here’s where the story gets exciting! Meet Billy and Jimmy Lee, two teenage bros who are skilled in martial arts. They’re on their way home from a martial arts tournament when they run into trouble with the gangs ruling the streets at night. Luckily, they get some help from their friend Marian and her vigilante group, the Power Corps. But things get even more intense when Shuko discovers that their guardian, Satori, has the other half of the medallion!

As they try to protect the Double Dragon, Satori sacrifices herself, and the brothers team up with Marian to take down Shuko. It’s a wild ride as they face off against the gangs and try to figure out how to use the powers of the medallion. They learn that the Double Dragon makes them immune to each other’s powers, and it becomes a showdown between light and shadow when they finally confront Shuko.

With some clever tactics and help from reformed gang member Abobo, they defeat Shuko and reunite the two halves of the Double Dragon. Now they’ve got matching uniforms and incredible powers, ready to take on any threat that comes their way.

In the end, Shuko ends up in jail, the police department gets stronger against the gangs, and the brothers are the guardians of the awesome Double Dragon medallion. It’s a total win for the good guys, and they can now keep the powerful talisman safe from falling into the wrong hands!

Double Dragon (1994) Cast

  • Scott Wolf as Billy Lee, the younger Lee brother. Wears a blue outfit in the end. Originally the Player 1 character in the video games.
  • Mark Dacascos as Jimmy Lee, the elder Lee brother. Wears a red outfit in the end. Originally the Player 2 character in the video games.
  • Alyssa Milano as Marian Delario, the leader of the Power Corps. Originally the kidnapped woman in the arcade game, the film version of Marian is a more active heroine compared to her video game counterpart.
  • Robert Patrick as Victor Guisman / Koga Shuko, a businessman and former crime lord seeking to possess both halves of the Double Dragon medallion. Shuko was a new villain created for the movie, although his character was later adapted as the final boss in the 1995 Double Dragon fighting game based on the film.
  • Julia Nickson as Satori Imada, the adoptive mother/guardian of Billy and Jimmy.
  • Leon Russom as Chief Delario, Chief of the New Angeles Police corps and the father of Marian and Marc Delario.
    Kristina Wagner as Linda Lash, Shuko’s henchwoman. Linda was originally an enemy character from the video game.
    Nils Allen Stewart as Bo Abobo, the leader of a street gang known as Mohawks. Abobo was another enemy character from the video game.
  • Henry Kingi plays the mutated Bo Abobo during the later part of the film, who reforms and tries to befriend the Lee brothers and Marian at the end.
  • George Hamilton appears as an anchorman.
  • Vanna White appears as an anchorwoman.
  • Andy Dick appeared as a weatherman who deals with the “fogcast”, giving warnings over (implied acidic and radioactive) black rain.
  • Cory Milano as Marc Delario, Marian’s younger brother.

Double Dragon (1994) Review

Wow, I totally agree with you! Double Dragon is one of my all-time favorite games too!

When I was a kid, I used to rush to the video game arcade with my 1Rs coin, ready to challenge others in Double Dragon. It was such a blast learning all the hits and combo moves!

Nowadays, I’m still enjoying the game on my mobile. It’s amazing how this 90’s game is still better than many others I’ve played. The nostalgia hits just right!

Speaking of the movie, it might not be as good as the game, but it’s still pretty entertaining. It’s great to see the characters on the big screen, even if it’s not exactly like the game.

And you know what’s even cooler? Learning about how they got the power of dragons! It’s awesome to dive deeper into the world of Double Dragon and discover the secrets behind their incredible abilities.

Overall, I’m really glad that the Double Dragon universe has expanded into both the game and the movie. It’s a fantastic journey for any fan, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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