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Summary of Forget Me Not

Picture this: It's that time of the year again, when graduation season paints the town with excitement and endless possibilities. Sandy Channing, a striking blonde with a future as bright as the sun, and her dashing brother Eli are all set to embark on their journeys. As the sun dips below the horizon, they gather with their pals Lex, Leila, Chad, Hannah, and the rest of the gang for some drinks and celebration. But then, an idea takes hold – why not head over to a cemetery for a thrilling game of ghost-catching under the starlit sky? And this is where our *Forget Me Not* tale truly begins. As the game kicks off, something inexplicable unfolds. Out of the shadows emerges a mysterious girl, her presence almost ethereal. She's drawn to their group like a moth to a flame and asks to partake in their eerie escapade. Little do they know that her arrival is a harbinger of eerie events to come. In a heart-stopping moment, the girl approaches Sandy with a haunting question, "Do you remember me?" Before anyone can grasp the gravity of the situation, the girl plummets off a cliff, leaving everyone shaken to their core. The group, now rattled by the chilling incident, promptly contacts the authorities, hoping to find some answers. But as the search ensues, it's as if the girl has vanished into thin air – no trace, no sign. The perplexing mystery deepens, and the fabric of reality begins to fray. Over the ensuing days, an unsettling pattern emerges. One by one, the young friends start meeting their demise, each death intricately linked to a distant memory that refuses to fade away – a memory they desperately wish they could *Forget Me Not*. In a flurry of suspense and unease, the web of connections unravels, revealing a haunting truth. The threads of their lives are interwoven with a past that won't release its grip, a past embodied by the enigmatic girl who intruded upon their fateful night. As the tension escalates, the young lives hang in the balance, caught between a present fraught with fear and a past that refuses to be buried. With each passing moment, the lines between reality and the supernatural blur, propelling our characters towards a heart-pounding climax where the key to survival lies within the intricacies of a memory they can't simply *Forget Me Not*.

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Forget Me Not (2009) Plot

Imagine this: In the heart of a graveyard, a tearful little girl dashes through the shadows. She finds solace within the walls of her home, where concerned parents ask her what’s amiss. Her answer is hauntingly simple, “I don’t remember.”

Fast forward in time, meet Sandy Channing and her brother, Eli, two college-bound youngsters who find themselves at a party hosted by their friend TJ. An eerie twist of fate leads them to the very same graveyard. Amidst the darkness, a new girl their age joins the game. They embark on a spectral version of ‘Tag’, and remarkably, this mysterious newcomer emerges victorious. A moment of chilling confrontation arrives when the girl turns to Sandy and utters a cryptic question, “Do you remember me?” The answer evades Sandy, and with an air of enigma, the girl pronounces, “You will.” Then, as if defying gravity, she plunges off a cliff into the abyss below. The authorities search in vain, finding no trace of her.

Through a flashback, we glimpse a young Sandy engaged in the same ghostly game in the daylight. She bonds with another girl, who educates her about the forget-me-not flower adorning her hair – a symbol of remembrance for the departed. In a heart-rending moment, the girl imparts her solemn truth: she knows those who’ve passed on. Their friendship blooms, tethered by the promise of “best friends forever.”

Back in the present, the complexities of relationships unravel. Layla and Chad’s intimate encounter leads to heartache, as Chad calls for an end to their romance. Layla, in a gesture of defiance, hurls her necklace, carrying Chad’s class ring, into the water. A chilling encounter unfolds as Layla glimpses a mysterious figure beneath the waves – a figure that drags her into the depths. This entity is none other than a demonic incarnation of the girl who leapt from the cliff. Meanwhile, Chad’s memory seems to be fading away, leaving Sandy in a state of bewilderment.

As the group awaits TJ’s arrival for a beach trip, a sudden tragedy strikes. TJ, brimming with plans for his future, buys an engagement ring for his love, Lex. But his destiny takes a sinister turn as the now-demonic Layla claims his life. The unsettling pattern persists – when Sandy mentions TJ to her boyfriend Jake (Lex’s brother), the name doesn’t ring a bell for any of them.

Chaos escalates as the ghostly friends wreak havoc. Chad’s car ignites in a fiery explosion, while Sandy’s pleas for Eli to stop go unanswered. As Sandy rushes to TJ’s abandoned residence with Jake and Eli, Lex and Hannah’s quarrel intensifies in the car. Memories resurface, and Sandy’s connection to the enigmatic girl from the graveyard strengthens, along with her identity as Angela, a childhood friend. Lex becomes another casualty, while Sandy’s sanity is questioned by her remaining friends, who have no recollection of Lex.

Sandy and her companions seek refuge at the police station, where they uncover Angela Smith’s name and her residence at a convent. In a hotel, Hannah and Eli succumb to desire, only for tragedy to strike once more as the ghostly presence claims Hannah’s life.

The journey takes an even darker turn at the convent, where Sandy and Jake encounter Angela in a coma. Jake’s fate is sealed as he falls victim to the relentless entity, and Eli’s memory of Jake fades into oblivion. The chilling truth emerges – they are being erased from the fabric of time, much like the ominous rhyme they chanted before embarking on the graveyard game. Sandy’s descent into darkness continues as her parents, concerned for her mental well-being, admit her to a hospital. In an agonizing series of events, the ghostly friends take Eli’s life, and his existence vanishes from their parents’ memories.

Sandy’s dreams unveil a bitter memory of a cruel prank played on Angela. The child version of Angela, revealed as a young Sandy herself, suffered a seizure outside the convent, leaving her scarred and haunted. As Sister Dolores emerges, demanding to know the culprit, the story of interconnected fates unfolds. The closing moments converge with the very beginning – the little girl running through the graveyard is a young Sandy, and the older girl who plunged from the cliff is Angela. A crescendo of dread and realization unfolds as Sandy awakens to her destiny. With the haunting refrain of “kill the ghost or seal your fate,” she confronts Angela, disconnecting her life support. A battle of wills ensues on the rooftop, culminating in a chilling exchange that ends in Sandy’s fall.

Yet, as the grown Angela stirs from her coma, a miracle occurs, while Sandy finds herself trapped in a coma of her own. The intricate tapestry of Forget Me Not unravels, leaving us with an unsettling truth that lingers long after the screen fades to black.

Forget Me Not (2009) Cast

  • Carly Schroeder as Sandy
  • Micah Alberti as Jake
  • Brittany Renee Finamore as Angela
  • Brie Gabrielle as Hannah
  • Jillian Murray as Lex
  • Zachary Abel as Chad
  • Bella Thorne as Young Angela
  • Sean Wing as TJ
  • Chloe Bridges as Layla
  • Courtney Biggs as Young Sandy
  • Dan Gauthier as Sheriff Mitchell
  • Christopher Atkins as Mr. Channing
  • Cody Linley as Eli
  • Barbara Bain as Sister Dolores

Forget Me Not (2009) Review

I had been giving this movie the Netflix side-eye for a while now, and I can’t quite put my finger on why. Maybe it sounded too teen-oriented? But then, I stumbled upon a really enthusiastic review over at Horror Movie A Day, and that was my tipping point.

And let me tell you, I’m so glad I took the plunge, because “Forget Me Not” turns out to be quite the captivating film. It elegantly shifts gears, transitioning smoothly from a tale of childhood betrayals to a riveting revenge story from beyond the grave.

Meet Sandy (Carly Schroeder), who happens to be the brainiest, hottest, and most popular kid in school. Her path to Stanford, secured through academic scholarships, is all set. And then there’s her brother Eli (Cody Linley), who’s also Stanford-bound with his own scholarship in tow.

The gang around them, with their quirky mix of pals and lovers (a notch above the usual teen movie archetypes), indulge in some post-graduation shenanigans – think drinks, smokes, and a dose of romance. Then comes a decision: why not head over to the graveyard for a final round of “Ghost”? It’s like hide-and-seek, but with a haunting twist. If the ghost catches you, you’re bound to become one too.

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