Fritz the Cat (1972)

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Summary of Fritz the Cat

Alright, listen up, Let me tell you about Fritz the Cat, the coolest cat in the 1960s. This flick follows Fritz, a college student who's fed up with the boring and suffocating routine of life. So, what does he do? He embarks on an epic journey to explore the world!

Leaving the hustle and bustle of New York City behind, Fritz heads to the groovy city of San Francisco. And you know what? He dives headfirst into a wild life of drugs and sex—yeah, things get pretty crazy! Picture Fritz joining massive orgies and even stirring up some revolutionary trouble. Man, this cat is fearless!

But it's not all smooth sailing. Along the way, Fritz encounters some wacky stuff. I'm talking about drug-addled Nazi bikers—yup, you heard me right! And guess what? He gets caught up in urban riots, too. It's a real rollercoaster of adventure!

Despite all the wild shenanigans, Fritz is still searching for something deep down. It's like he's on a quest to find some higher meaning in life. Will he ever find what he's looking for? You gotta watch Fritz the Cat to find out, my friends! This film is packed with fun, rebellion, and a sprinkle of soul-searching. Get ready for a wild ride with Fritz!

Release Date
NC-17 April. 12,1972
Genre Run Time
Animation , Drama , Comedy 1 hr 18 min
Director Writers
Ralph Bakshi Ralph Bakshi

Fritz the Cat (1972) Plot

So, at Washington Square Park in Manhattan, you got these hippies jamming out protest songs, and guess who shows up? Our main man Fritz, the tabby cat, and his pals. They’re hoping to impress some girls with their music skills. But, man, things take an unexpected turn when the girls get interested in a crow nearby instead. It’s a real bummer!

But Fritz ain’t giving up that easily! He convinces the girls that he’s a deep, suffering soul and invites them to “seek the truth.” Party time! They head to his friend’s apartment, and it’s one heck of a wild bash going on. When things get crowded, Fritz takes the girls into the bathroom for a steamy orgy in the bathtub. Oh boy, things are getting spicy!

But, uh-oh, here come the pig police officers to crash the party. They’re not too thrilled with what’s going on. Fritz hides in the bathroom, taking comfort in some marijuana, while chaos ensues. He even ends up flooding the place after shooting the toilet. The pigs chase him down the street, and he seeks refuge in a synagogue. Talk about a crazy chase!

Back in his dorm, Fritz realizes his life is a bore, so he sets his books on fire and sets the whole place ablaze. Talk about a fiery change of pace! Then he meets Duke the Crow in a Harlem bar, and they decide to “bug out” on a wild adventure together. Stealing a car, they almost meet disaster on a bridge, but Duke saves the day. Later, they meet a drug dealer named Bertha, and, well, Fritz’s libido gets a boost from her cannabis joints. But things take a serious turn when Fritz decides he must tell people about the revolution, and he ends up causing a riot where Duke tragically gets shot.

With a lot on his mind, Fritz escapes to San Francisco with his fox girlfriend, Winston Schwartz. But he leaves her stranded when their car runs out of gas. The rebellious journey continues when he meets Blue, a drug-addicted rabbit biker, and his horse girlfriend, Harriet. They join some underground revolutionaries planning to blow up a power station. But in a twist of fate, Fritz tries to stop it all and ends up in the middle of a dangerous explosion.

In the hospital in Los Angeles, things get really interesting when Harriet and the New York girls come to comfort Fritz, believing he’s about to meet his end. But wait, Fritz surprises everyone and finds new energy for a wild foursome with the trio of girls while Harriet watches in awe.

Whoa, talk about a wild ride with Fritz the Cat! This movie’s got everything—adventure, rebellion, romance, and a whole lot of surprises. You won’t want to miss it!

Fritz the Cat (1972) Cast

  • Skip Hinnant as Fritz the Cat
  • Rosetta LeNoire as Bertha / Additional voices
  • John McCurry as Blue / John
  • Judy Engles as Winston Schwartz / Lizard Leader
  • Phil Seuling as Ralph / Additional voices
  • Ralph Bakshi (uncredited) as Al / Narrator
  • Mary Dean (uncredited) as Charlene / Dee Dee / Sorority Girls / Harriet
  • Charles Spidar (uncredited) as Bar Patron / Duke the Crow

Fritz the Cat (1972) Review

I stumbled upon the newly released DVD of Fritz the Cat in an unexpected spot—the children’s video section of Virgin Megastore. It made me wonder if it was just a mistake or perhaps someone’s clever prank, placing such a subversive film in the kids’ section. I couldn’t help but grin mischievously, thinking of unsuspecting parents popping this movie in for their little ones, only to be in for a shocking surprise!

You see, I was just a 7-year-old when Fritz the Cat first hit the screens, and even though I didn’t watch it until my twenties, its reputation in my Brooklyn neighborhood was legendary. Older teens on my street loved sharing the film’s scandalous details, turning it into “every parent’s nightmare.” For a curious kid like me, it became my earliest memory of themes like sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, and racism—a symbol of mischief we all wanted to sneak a peek at or at least wait until we were old enough to watch.

The movie’s impact hasn’t diminished in the last 30 years, and few films capture the gritty and raw essence of 1970s New York City like this one (think French Connection). It’s daring and edgy, and today, it might even be considered more offensive because we’ve become overly sensitive and politically correct. We claim to have matured and grown more tolerant, but sometimes, we fail to grasp the original intent of films like Fritz the Cat, as it clashes with our modern value system.

Back in the 70s, this movie used satire and stereotypes, like portraying pigs as cops and crows as black people, to address social issues openly. It was a reflection of that era and hippie culture. But now, we handle these issues differently, and such portrayals wouldn’t fly in a film today. Still, the themes tackled in Fritz the Cat remain relevant, though the film is now seen as a curious time capsule of a different era.

So, if you’re up for a bold and thought-provoking ride through 70s New York, Fritz the Cat is a must-watch. Just be ready for the rebellious spirit of that time and the impact it still holds today!

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