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Summary of Grind

Alright, check this out! Grind is all about Matt's big dreams in the world of professional skateboarding. He's dead set on making it to the top, you know? So, he and his buddies decide to hit the road and go on this epic summer road trip, hoping to catch the eye of the legendary skate guru, Jimmy Wilson. They believe he'll just snap his fingers and sign them up for his kick-ass skate team.

But hold your horses! Jimmy's road manager plays the villain and blocks their way. Bummer, right? But hey, they don't let that get them down. Determined to make it, they're like, "We'll do it ourselves!" So, they start their own skate team, with Dustin's college fund reluctantly supporting their wild adventure.

Now, together with their rad buddy, Sweet Lou, they hit the road from Chicago to Santa Monica, like it's no big deal. And let me tell you, it's no easy ride! They face all sorts of challenges, but they're like, "We got this!" They've got each other's backs and are determined to stay united till they reach the top.

During their journey, they run into some big-shot skate champs and fellow skateboarding fanatics. They're out there grinding rails across America, showing off their mad skills, and making the whole skateboarding world sit up and take notice. It's a wild ride, full of epic stunts and heart-pounding moments, all leading up to their ultimate dream of becoming skateboarding superstars!

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Grind (2003) Plot

Alright, picture this, dude! So, we got Eric Rivers, Dustin Knight, and Matt Jensen, a bunch of skate-crazy buds who just graduated high school. They’ve got this crazy idea to hit the road and chase their dreams of becoming pro skaters. You know, like getting paid to shred those sick moves!

They hear about the legendary skater, Jimmy Wilson, coming to town on his demo tour. And they’re like, “Yo, once he sees us in action, he’ll be blown away and sign us up right away!” But guess what? Wilson’s road manager puts a major grind on their plans. They can’t even get close to the dude, let alone show off their skills.

But you know what they say, “When life gives you a wipeout, get back on your board!” So, they decide to do it their own way. They form their own skate team, and hey, Dustin’s college fund reluctantly chips in to support their adventure.

They’re not in this alone, though. They bring in “Sweet” Lou Singer, the chill ladies’ man, to join their crew and provide the wheels for their epic journey. They call themselves team Super Duper, and man, they’re in for the ride of their lives!

From Chicago to Santa Monica, they hit the open road, and let me tell you, it’s one hell of a trip! The pro skate scene ain’t exactly welcoming to newbies, but these outsiders stick together no matter what crazy misadventures come their way.

As they grind their way towards going pro, they meet some real skate legends! There’s Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Bam Margera, and his crew with Preston Lacy, Ehren Danger McGhehey, and Jason Wee Man Acuña. And hey, let’s not forget the sexy skate chick Jamie, she’s part of the action too!

They’re out there, grinding handrails all over America, showing the world what they’ve got. And you know what? They’re forcing the skateboarding world to sit up and take notice! It’s all about chasing your passion, sticking together, and making your dreams happen. Super Duper is here to stay!

Grind (2003) Cast

  • Mike Vogel as Eric Rivers
  • Vince Vieluf as Matt Jensen
  • Joey Kern as Sweet Lou Singer
  • Adam Brody as Dustin Knight
  • Jennifer Morrison as Jamie
  • Jason London as Jimmy Wilson
  • Summer Altice as Winona
  • Bam Margera as himself
  • Erin Murphy as Hot Mama
  • Stephen Root as Cameron
  • Christopher McDonald as Mr. Rivers
  • Brian Posehn as Orville the Scraggly Guy
  • Dave Foley as Tour Manager
  • Jason Acuña as Little Timmy (As Wee Man)
  • Donte Calarco as Buxom Girl #1
  • Christine Estabrook as Sarah Jensen
  • Randy Quaid as Jock Jensen
  • Lindsay Felton as Denise Jensen
  • Chad Fernandez as Rival Skater #1
  • Alfred Briere as Rival Skater #2
  • Ehren McGhehey as Rival Skater #3
  • Brandon Mychal Smith as Teen Skater
  • Jake Muxworthy as Pro
  • Donald Gibb as Scabby Security Guy
  • Shonda Farr as Sandy Moore
  • Bob “Bobcat” Goldthwait as Bell Clerk
  • Tom Green as Colorado Skate Shop Owner
  • Ryan Sheckler as Rod St. James
  • Guillermo Aguilar as himself
  • Preston Lacy as himself
  • Liam Booth as himself

Grind (2003) Review

What a rad flick, dude! Grind is the name, and it’s a total blast! Back in the day, my two teenage sons were all about skating, just like I was when I was their age. We got this movie, and man, it was an instant hit! We watched it over and over again, and even now, we still get stoked and pop it in once in a while.

It’s like a timeless classic for us, you know? The story of these aspiring skaters, their dreams, and the epic journey they go on is just so inspiring. It’s all about passion, determination, and never giving up on your dreams, no matter how tough the grind gets. We totally relate to it, and it brings back some awesome memories of our skateboarding days.

If you’re into skateboarding or just love a feel-good movie with heart, this one’s a must-watch! You’ll be hooked from the first kickflip to the last ollie! Trust me, it’s a ride you won’t forget. Grind has that magic that keeps you coming back for more, no matter how many times you’ve seen it. It’s like a skater’s anthem, and we’re proud to have it in our movie collection. So grab your board and get ready for a wicked time! Skate on, my fellow movie lovers! 🛹✨

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