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Summary of How to lose a guy in 10 days

Alright, folks, gather 'round! Let me introduce you to Andie, a sassy writer for a hip fashion mag. She's the go-to gal for relationship advice, and boy, does she know her stuff! But hold on tight, because she's got herself a wild mission. Brace yourselves for the ultimate rollercoaster ride of love, 'cause Andie's got to make a guy fall head over heels for her in a mere 10 days, only to crush his heart afterwards. How to lose a guy in 10 days, anyone?

Now, let's meet the lucky—or should I say unlucky—guy in the hot seat this time: Benjamin, a total heartthrob who's got ladies swooning left and right. But here's the twist, my friends: Benjamin made a daring bet with his boss that he could make any woman fall madly in love with him within just 10 days! Whoa, hold your horses! This is about to be a clash of hearts and minds like no other.

So, get ready to buckle up and join Andie and Benjamin on this exhilarating journey. Will Andie's cunning tactics make Benjamin fall head over heels, only to leave him broken-hearted? Or will Benjamin's smooth moves and charm conquer Andie's defenses? It's a battle of wills, a game of love and deceit, all packed into How to lose a guy in 10 days. Get your popcorn ready, folks, 'cause this is gonna be one heck of a romantic showdown!

Release Date
PG-13 February. 07,2003
Genre Run Time
Romance,Comedy 1 hr 56 min
Director Writers
Donald Petrie Kristen Buckley, Brian Regan, Burr Steers

Love & Games: A Wild Ride in ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Oh boy, let me tell you about this kick-ass romantic comedy called How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. It’s a total blast from 2003, directed by the awesome Donald Petrie and starring the dream team of Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. And get this, it’s actually based on a picture book with the same name by Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long. But here’s the twist: the book is all about dating “don’ts” and not really a story, so the movie had to create its own characters and plot.

So, we’ve got Benjamin Barry, this smooth-talking ad exec who thinks he’s got the magic touch to make any woman fall head over heels for him. And then there’s Andie Anderson, this spunky writer for a women’s magazine who’s on a mission to write an article on how to get her boyfriend to dump her. Now, picture this—these two end up choosing each other as their love interests, and that’s when the real fun begins! Andie starts pulling out all the stops, using those dating “don’ts” from the picture book to try and drive Ben away. It’s like a wild battle of love and miscommunication, and it’s an absolute riot!

Meet Andie Anderson, a total badass writer for Composure magazine. She’s had enough of those fluffy “How to” articles for women, you know? Her friend Michelle keeps going through breakups and blames her looks, but Andie knows better. She believes it’s Michelle’s clingy and overly emotional behavior that scares men away. Determined to prove her point, Andie decides to write an article called “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” by channeling Michelle’s dating style.

Now, let’s talk about Benjamin Barry, the ambitious advertising executive who’s tired of working on the same old beer and sports campaigns. He’s craving a chance to shine with a prestigious diamond campaign. But here’s the kicker: his boss, Phillip, doubts Ben’s understanding of romance. So, in a bold move, Ben makes a bet with Phillip that he can make any woman fall in love with him within just 10 days. And guess what? Ben’s rivals, Judy Spears and Judy Green, overhear about Andie’s assignment at Composure and select her as the woman Ben has to woo.

Andie and Ben cross paths, each hiding their true intentions. Andie goes all out to make Ben fall head over heels for her and then break his heart, while Ben’s hoping to win her over for real. Andie pulls off crazy stunts, like making Ben miss an important basketball game or getting him knocked out at the movies. She even brings a furry friend into the mix. But amidst all the games, Andie’s true self shines through from time to time, and Ben can’t help but be drawn to her.

As the charade goes on, Andie reaches her breaking point and causes a scene at Ben’s poker night, hoping to push him away for good. But Ben’s buddies, Tony and Thayer, convince him to try couples counseling with Andie. Andie enlists Michelle to play the therapist and plants doubts in Ben’s mind about his own feelings of shame. To counteract that, Ben suggests introducing Andie to his family in Staten Island. And as they spend time together, a genuine connection blossoms between Andie and Ben.

At a fancy company ball, Phillip privately reveals to Andie that he knows she truly loves Ben, making Ben the winner of the bet. But hold on tight, ’cause the story doesn’t end there! Judy and Judy, determined to ruin Ben, spill the beans to Tony and Thayer, who accidentally spill them to Andie. At the same time, Andie’s boss, Lana, unaware of Ben’s involvement, spills the beans about Andie’s article to him. It’s a crazy mess of secrets and revelations, and it all comes to a head at the party, leading to a fiery argument and their breakup on stage.

But fear not, my movie-loving friends! Tony comes to the rescue and shows Ben Andie’s article, where she pours her heart out about losing the only guy she ever truly fell for. Realizing his mistake, Ben races after Andie, who’s about to leave for a job interview in Washington, D.C. He stops her taxi in the nick of time, confronting her and confessing his true feelings. And just like that, they share a magical kiss. Ben tells the taxi driver to return Andie’s belongings and declares that he’s taking her with him. Love triumphs, and they embark on a brand-new journey together. It’s a love story for the ages, my friends, all wrapped up in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days!

How to lose a guy in 10 days cast

  1. Kate Hudson as Andie Anderson
  2. Matthew McConaughey as Benjamin Barry
  3. Kathryn Hahn as Michelle
  4. Annie Parisse as Jeannie
  5. Adam Goldberg as Tony
  6. Thomas Lennon as Thayer
  7. Michael Michele as Judy Spears
  8. Shalom Harlow as Judy Green
  9. Robert Klein as Phillip Warren
  10. Bebe Neuwirth as Lana Jang
  11. Liliane Montevecchi as Mrs. DeLauer
  12. Marvin Hamlisch as himself (cameo)

How to lose a guy in 10 days Sayings

  • Ben: That’s what I was, huh? I was your guinea pig, somebody you can test your theories on.
  • Andie: And I was just a girl somebody picked out in a bar.
  • Ben: Yeah, so what, big deal? Hell, now you can even use it as a little twist in your story.
  • Andie: That’s a good idea, maybe we should bet on it.
  • Ben: You know what, you did your job now Andie.
  • Andie: Yes I did.
  • Ben: You wanted to lose a guy in 10 days, congratulations you did it. You just lost him.
  • Andie: No, I didn’t Ben, cause you can’t lose something you never had.

How to lose a guy in 10 days Review

Alright, listen up, my fellow movie enthusiasts! So, I recently decided to give a bunch of movies a shot, half expecting to cringe and be bored out of my mind. And guess what? How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days totally surprised me—it’s an absolute riot!

Let me start by saying that the chemistry between the main characters is off the charts! You can tell they had a blast bringing their roles to life. Kate Hudson is a comedic genius, nailing every punchline with impeccable timing. And Matthew McConaughey? Oh boy, his reactions had me in stitches!

Now, I get it, it’s a romantic comedy, and yeah, the ending might be a tad cheesy. But honestly, that’s what makes it so darn charming, in my humble opinion. The movie keeps up a great pace, and the dialogue delivery is top-notch. The jokes land perfectly, and the whole concept of a “new relationship” and the rollercoaster ride of falling in love just works like a charm!

I gotta give credit where credit’s due—every single actor in this film is absolutely fantastic. If you’re in the mood for a fun-filled night of rom-coms, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days should definitely be at the top of your watchlist. Trust me, folks, you won’t be disappointed!

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