Last Night (2010)

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Summary of Last Night

Last Night, we follow the story of Sarah and David, a charming couple living in the heart of Los Angeles. David's job as a talented screenwriter often takes him to glamorous Hollywood parties, which sometimes makes Sarah a little uneasy. But last night, things took an unexpected turn.

During one of these parties, Sarah noticed David chatting animatedly with a stunning actress, Emily, who had just starred in a hit romantic comedy. Sarah couldn't help feeling a pang of jealousy as she watched them laugh together. She tried to shake off the feeling, reminding herself that David is committed to her.

Last Night, David and Emily found themselves working together on a new film project. The producers wanted them to go on a location scouting trip to a beautiful coastal town. Sarah felt anxious about this arrangement, fearing that spending so much time alone with Emily might lead to complications.

Meanwhile, Sarah had a chance encounter with an old friend, Jake, at a local coffee shop. Memories of their past adventures flooded back, and Sarah couldn't help but wonder what could have been if they had stayed together. But she quickly pushed those thoughts aside, knowing she loves David deeply.

As Last Night approached, Sarah's insecurities grew, and she decided to surprise David on his trip. When she arrived at the picturesque town, she found David and Emily laughing and enjoying each other's company. Her heart sank, and she felt torn between confronting them or giving David space.

Last Night, Sarah attended a beach bonfire with the film crew, where she met Alex, a friendly and charismatic musician. They instantly connected over their shared love for music and movies. Sarah felt a spark, but she knew she had to remain faithful to David.

Back at the hotel, David found himself struggling with his feelings for Emily. The chemistry between them was undeniable, but he remembered the love and trust he shared with Sarah.

The Last Night of the trip, Sarah and David had an honest conversation about their feelings and insecurities. They realized that jealousy and doubts had almost driven them apart, but their love for each other was stronger. David assured Sarah that she was the only one for him, and Sarah opened up about her encounter with Alex. They decided to strengthen their communication and trust, vowing to face any future challenges together.

As the sun rose on a new day, Sarah and David returned home, hand in hand, ready to embrace the peaceful and loving life they had built together. Last Night was a turning point for them, reminding them to cherish and nurture their relationship above all else.

Release Date
R November. 05,2010
Genre Run Time
Drama , Romance 1 hr 33 min
Director Writers
Massy Tadjedin Massy Tadjedin

Last Night (2010) Plot

Last Night follows the story of Joanna, a talented writer, and Michael Reed, a busy real estate agent, who share a cozy apartment in bustling New York City. Their life together takes a twist when Joanna notices Michael getting close to Laura Nunez, a striking co-worker, during a party with his colleagues. She wonders why he never mentioned Laura before and starts suspecting him of having an affair.

Back home, Last Night, Joanna can’t hold back her emotions and confronts Michael about her suspicions. The confrontation leads to a heated argument, but thankfully, they manage to patch things up later that night and reconcile their differences.

The next day, Michael embarks on a business trip to Philadelphia with his colleagues Laura and Andy, leaving Joanna behind to work on her novel. Meanwhile, Last Night, Joanna coincidentally bumps into her ex-boyfriend, Alex Mann. They reconnect and decide to spend time together. They even have a dinner with Alex’s friends, Sandra and Truman, discussing their past and the fact that Joanna never mentioned Alex to Michael.

As the night unfolds, Last Night, Joanna and Alex’s chemistry reignites, and they end up kissing. Despite their passion, Joanna decides not to take things further and they spend the night embracing each other in bed without having sex. The next morning, Alex leaves, heartbroken.

Throughout the film, we see glimpses of Michael’s time with Laura. After dinner with a client, they share a kiss, but Michael then reveals he has never cheated on his wife. However, their night together doesn’t end there, as they spend intimate moments at the hotel pool and eventually have sex.

When Michael returns to Joanna, he finds her crying. They decide to move forward and make plans to resume their normal life together. They express their love for each other, but Joanna is puzzled by Michael’s sudden affection and early return from work.

The film ends as Joanna prepares to speak, leaving the audience wondering about the fate of their relationship and whether they can truly overcome the challenges they faced Last Night. The story leaves us with the complexities of love, trust, and the paths that Joanna and Michael must navigate to find their way back to each other.

Last Night (2010) Cast

  • Keira Knightley as Joanna Reed
  • Sam Worthington as Michael Reed
  • Eva Mendes as Laura Nunez
  • Guillaume Canet as Alex Mann
  • Daniel Eric Gold as Andy
  • Anson Mount as Neal
  • Griffin Dunne as Truman
  • Stephanie Romanov as Sandra
  • Scott Adsit as Stuart
  • Justine Cotsonas as Maggie
  • Rae Ritke as Barbara
  • Chriselle Almeida as Chris

Last Night (2010) Review

I’m actually a fan of action-packed and challenging movies, but Last Night completely transformed my taste in films. This movie had such a profound impact on me, making me contemplate the intricate relationships between people and truly understand them. The actors’ performances were incredibly intense and powerful, drawing me deep into the story.

The locations in the movie were absolutely stunning and added to the overall beauty of the film. Moreover, it evoked a lot of emotions in me, which is something I rarely experience with other movies.

What sets Last Night apart is that it’s not your typical plot twist and complex movie. Instead, it features an open ending, allowing each viewer to interpret and understand it from their unique perspective.

Believe me, you’re going to fall in love with this extraordinary movie, and it will leave you with a special feeling that you won’t easily forget ❤.

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