Minutemen (2008)

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Summary of Minutemen

Minutemen tells the story of three buddies from high school who go on mind-bending time-travel escapades. Picture this: Virgil, Charlie, and Zeke find themselves in a cringe-worthy situation, feeling totally embarrassed. To fix their blunders, they come up with a crazy idea to build a time machine. Before you know it, they become famous as the 'Snowsuit Guys' and are hailed as legendary heroes. But wait! As they start altering the past, things go haywire, leading to unexpected consequences. Now, with a looming black hole and their once-strong friendship falling apart, they must come together to save the day and figure out what truly matters most.

Release Date
G February. 29,2008
Genre Run Time
Adventure , Comedy , Science Fiction , Family , TV Movie 1 hr 31 min
Director Writers
Lev L. Spiro

Minutemen (2008) Plot

On the first day of high school, Virgil, Derek, and Stephanie, who are best buddies, decide to explore different activities. Derek joins the football team, Stephanie tries out cheerleading, and Virgil’s day takes a wild turn when a genius named Charlie zooms across the field on a rocket car, interrupting football practice. The football team starts picking on Charlie, and when Virgil defends him, they both end up getting bullied. To make matters worse, Virgil and Charlie are embarrassingly hung from the school mascot’s statue wearing cheerleading outfits!

Fast forward three years, and Virgil and Charlie are social outcasts because of that incident, despite Derek claiming he tried to stop the bullies. That’s when Charlie reveals his invention of a time machine. With the help of grease junky Zeke, they build the time machine and test it by trying to buy a winning lottery ticket from the past. Forgetting that they’re underage, they ask a local street performer to buy it for them, but they have to return to the present before time. Turns out, the street performer wins the lottery using the numbers they provided!

After this setback, Charlie comes up with a plan to use the time machine only to fix embarrassing mistakes made by their classmates. They ask Jeanette, a classmate who has a crush on Charlie, to oversee their time-travel adventures and provide them with white snowsuits to stay warm in the freezing portal temperatures.

The trio becomes famous as the ‘Snowsuit Guys’ (although they prefer being called the ‘Minutemen’) and are hailed as local heroes by their peers. However, the vice principal sees them as troublemakers due to accidentally breaking his school diorama. Soon, Virgil, Zeke, and Charlie notice a strange change in the behavior of the teenagers they saved. The once-bullied students have turned into bullies themselves. Charlie confesses that he had to hack and steal files from NASA to make the time machine work, so he advises a break from time-traveling to avoid trouble.

But when Virgil sees Stephanie with a broken leg, caused by a cheerleading injury that cost her a college scholarship, he can’t resist. Against Charlie’s objections, he convinces the group to travel back in time and prevent Stephanie’s injury, revealing his true identity to her in the process.

After Derek experiences a devastating loss at the state championship, Stephanie asks Virgil to change the past so Derek can win, leading to a reunion of the former friends. As Virgil starts hanging out with the popular kids, he begins to neglect Charlie and Zeke in favor of Stephanie and Derek. However, Stephanie eventually discovers Derek’s cheating with his tutor Jocelyn. Derek begs Virgil to change the past so Stephanie never finds out, but Virgil hesitates, realizing his own feelings for her.

The FBI arrives in town, having monitored the suspicious time-traveling activities, and interrogates Charlie, Zeke, and Virgil. The trio bitterly breaks apart due to Virgil’s selfish use of the time machine for personal gain. But when Charlie consults with top government scientists, they learn that their time-traveling has caused damage to the space-time continuum, resulting in the creation of a dangerous black hole. With only hours left to live, the trio reunites and embarks on a daring mission to venture into the black hole and close it.

Inside the black hole, they find themselves transported back to their first day of high school, as the key component for time travel was in Charlie’s rocket car. Virgil realizes he has a chance to undo the events that led to his loss of popularity. Charlie admits that despite Virgil’s dislike of that day, it’s his favorite because it’s when he found a true friend in Virgil. Charlie and Zeke leave Virgil to make a decision, and as Virgil witnesses the incident unfold, he discovers that Derek didn’t defend him at all. In fact, he betrayed him by suggesting to put lipstick on them both for popularity. With newfound clarity, Virgil grabs the rocket car and reunites with Charlie and Zeke.

The trio races against time back to the black hole just as it closes. They are then thrown back to the day they first traveled in time. As they stroll through the school, nobody suspects a thing and has no clue about their heroic actions. Virgil confronts Derek for his treachery and wins Stephanie’s heart, while Charlie reciprocates Jeanette’s feelings for him. Charlie comes up with a new scientific idea involving teleportation, and Virgil and Zeke drag him away as he excitedly rambles about his plan.

Minutemen (2008) Cast

  • Jason Dolley as Virgil Fox, a social outcast after an embarrassing event
  • Luke Benward as Charlie Tuttle, a young genius and outcast who is Virgil and Zeke’s best friend
  • Nicholas Braun as Zeke Thompson, a “bad boy” outcast who is Charlie and Virgil’s best friend
  • Chelsea Staub as Stephanie Jameson, Virgil’s only former friend who still likes him. Virgil has a crush on her
    J. P. Manoux as Vice Principal Tolkan
  • Steven R. McQueen as Derek Beaugard, Virgil’s former best friend who is now dating Stephanie. He chose popularity over Virgil, but once he finds out about Virgil’s time-travelling, he starts to use him for his own advantage.
  • Kara Crane as Jeanette Pachelewski, a quirky girl who harbors a crush on Charlie
  • Dexter Darden as Chester, an outcast who becomes popular due to the actions of the “Snowsuit Guys”
  • Kellie Cockrell as Jocelyn Lee, a stuck-up popular girl who Derek cheated on Stephanie with
  • Molly Jepson as Amy Fox, Virgil’s annoying younger sister
  • Larry Filion as FBI Agent (uncredited)
  • Dwayne Hackett as Store Manager (uncredited)

Minutemen (2008) Review

Hey there, fellow movie lovers! Today, I’m back with a review that’ll get your movie-loving hearts racing. Brace yourselves for the ultimate Disney original movie, MinuteMen! So, picture this: It was a spooky night, and I was hanging out with my buddies, when out of nowhere, I pulled a Big Mac from my pocket. I mean, who expects a burger in their pocket, right? It was a real surprise! Now, you might be wondering why I’m sharing this burger-in-pocket tale with you. Well, let me tell you, it happened to coincide with the most epic movie-watching experience of my life. I sat down to enjoy MinuteMen and munched on that burger. Let me tell you, it was a match made in movie heaven.

Our main trio consists of Virgil, your typical guy longing for popularity, Charlie, a genius who could rival Jimmy Neutron, and Zeke, a cool dude with a knack for welding. Talk about a stellar team! By the way, can we talk about Jimmy Neutron for a moment? I mean, the kid’s a genius, but he somehow manages to mess up and endanger the world in every episode. Imagine all the pies left unbaked! Poor Hugh Neutron wouldn’t have a purpose anymore. But let’s get back to MinuteMen.

Our trio builds a time machine, becoming the world’s first time travelers. Armed with their newfound ability, they set out to help those in need. Brace yourself for a movie packed with action, drama, romance, and the power of friendship. I must admit, my eyes got a bit teary as these three formed an unbreakable bond through their time-traveling adventures. Speaking of time travel, it’s a fascinating topic. After finishing the movie, I pondered it for a while as I, um, digested that Big Mac. Oh, and speaking of fast food, have you ever seen those posters advertising retro Happy Meal toys? Well, let me tell you, when I finally got one, it turned out to be a Frozen 2 toy. I was so disappointed that I even spilled my tiny Dr. Pepper in frustration. But I digress.

MinuteMen is an underrated gem that deserves more recognition. I highly recommend watching it with your friends, family, and, well, maybe a tasty Big Mac for that extra movie magic. Stay tuned for my next review, where I’ll dive into the world of Badlands Chugs and his epic victory over a competitive food eater in the Big Smoke order challenge.

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