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Summary of Mud

In "Mud," Ellis and Neckbone find a boat in trees. They meet Mud, a superstitious guy who needs their help. Ellis helps Mud reunite with his love while avoiding bounty hunters. Along the way, Ellis learns about love's risks and rules. That's it! "Mud" is a tale of friendship, love, and adventure. Enjoy the ride, folks!

Release Date
PG-13 April. 26,2013
Genre Run Time
Drama/Indie 2 hr 10 min
Director Writers
Jeff Nichols Jeff Nichols

Mud: Love, Loyalty, and the River’s Secrets

Alright, y’all! Let’s break down the story of “Mud” in a way that American English movie lovers can easily understand.

Ellis and Neckbone, two teenage boys from DeWitt, Arkansas, discover a boat stuck on a small island in the Mississippi River. They meet Mud, a guy who claims to be from the area and asks for food. Mud promises to give them the boat once he’s gone if they help him out.

As they assist Mud, the boys learn that he’s hiding because he’s waiting for his girlfriend Juniper. Ellis develops feelings for a girl named May Pearl, while dealing with his parents’ impending divorce and the potential loss of their river houseboat.

Things take a twist when Ellis finds out that Mud is actually a fugitive. Mud confesses that he killed a man who harmed Juniper and caused her to lose their child. The boys decide to help Mud in exchange for his gun.

Ellis seeks help from Tom Blankenship, a father figure from Mud’s past, but Tom refuses when he realizes Mud is in trouble again because of Juniper. The boys discover Juniper being mistreated by Carver, the brother of the man Mud killed. They inform Mud, who realizes that the man’s family is seeking revenge.

With the boys’ assistance, Mud repairs the boat, and they plan to reunite Mud with Juniper. However, Juniper doesn’t go along with the plan and instead flirts with other men at a bar. Disappointed, Ellis delivers a note from Mud to Juniper, ending their relationship.

Ellis confronts Mud, feeling betrayed and calling him a liar and a coward. In a turn of events, Ellis falls into a pit of snakes and is bitten. Mud saves him and rushes him to a clinic. Mud is recognized, and the police are called, alerting Carver.

Mud and Neckbone get the boat into the water and say their goodbyes to Ellis, who is recovering on the houseboat. Carver and his group arrive, shooting at them. Tom uses his sniper rifle to retaliate, killing some attackers. Mud gets shot as he jumps into the river.

The police arrive, finding the attackers dead. Mud’s body is searched for but not found. Ellis’s parents separate, and he moves with his mother to a new apartment. Ellis’s father reassures him and expresses his love before leaving. Ellis, now more mature, watches the houseboat being demolished but still believes Mud was protecting Juniper.

Time passes, and Mud is revealed to be alive, recovering on the boat with Tom. The film ends as they look ahead at the mouth of the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.

There you have it, folks! The story of “Mud” takes you on a journey of loyalty, love, and coming-of-age experiences in the American South. Enjoy the ride!

Mud Cast

  • Matthew McConaughey as Mud
  • Reese Witherspoon as Juniper
  • Tye Sheridan as Ellis
  • Jacob Lofland as Neckbone
  • Sam Shepard as Tom Blankenship
  • Ray McKinnon as Senior
  • Sarah Paulson as Mary Lee
  • Michael Shannon as Galen
  • Joe Don Baker as King
  • Paul Sparks as Carver
  • Bonnie Sturdivant as May Pearl
  • Stuart Greer as Miller

Mud Sayings

  • Galen: I know I’m just your uncle, not a parent, but uh, you can tell me things if need to.
  • Neckbone: I can tell you this helmet smells like my duck butter.
  • She is like a dream you don’t want to wake up from.
  • Neckbone: I hate snakes.
    – Mud: That’s because God made them for us to fear. It’s a thing we knew to be afraid of before we even got into this world.
  • So you get your heart broke? Don’t walk around with a shit look on your face. Get back in there, get your tip wet. You hear me?
  • If you can find my number you should give me a call.

Mud Review

In “Mud,” a captivating coming-of-age story set along the Mississippi River, two boys embark on an adventure when they discover a cabin cruiser lodged in a tree. They meet Mud, a mysterious and charismatic figure with a troubled past, who enlists their help to reunite with his true love, Juniper. As they navigate love and loyalty, the boys are drawn into a world where myth and reality collide. With stunning visuals and exceptional performances, “Mud” pays homage to American classics like “Tom Sawyer” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” while remaining grounded in its own vivid storytelling.

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