A Playwright's Encounter: Watch 'My Dinner with Andre' Online

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Summary of My Dinner with Andre

So, there's this movie called "My Dinner with Andre" that's all about two guys having a really interesting chat over a meal. They're actually playing themselves in the movie, which is pretty cool. One guy is named Andre Gregory, and he's a theater director from New York. He's the one who does most of the talking and tells these amazing stories about his wild adventures.

You see, Andre is not your ordinary guy. He's all about breaking away from the usual and going on these crazy trips around the world. He meets all sorts of fascinating people along the way, like this monk who can do incredible things with his fingers. Can you believe that?

The other guy in the movie is Wallace Shawn, and he's a great listener. He's really captivated by Andre's stories and he starts thinking about what it all means. He wonders if Andre's choice to leave behind practicality and chase his dreams is something we should all consider. It's like he's asking if we should focus on our fantasies or stay grounded in reality when it comes to our own lives.

Overall, "My Dinner with Andre" is a thought-provoking movie that explores the balance between our dreams and the everyday world we live in. It's a movie that'll make you reflect on your own pursuit of happiness and what truly matters in life.

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My Dinner with Andre 1981 Plot

Alright, so there’s this struggling playwright named Wally who is dreading having dinner with his old friend Andre. You see, Andre used to be a theater director, but in 1975, he made a big change in his life. He went on this long spiritual journey and got into all kinds of deep stuff like synchronicity, eastern spirituality, near-death experiences, and even joined some utopian communes.

So, they meet up at this fancy restaurant in New York City, and Andre starts telling Wally about all the crazy adventures he’s had since they last hung out. He worked with his mentor, this director named Jerzy Grotowski, and a group of actors in a forest in Poland. Can you imagine that? He even traveled to the Sahara Desert to try and create a play based on “The Little Prince.” And then there was this time he went to this place called Findhorn in Scotland. But wait, it gets even crazier! Andre and his friends actually arranged these Halloween-themed experiences for each other, and one of them involved being buried alive for a little while. Can you believe that?

Now, Andre believes that he needed to do all these things to break free from his boring routine and truly experience life. But Wally, he’s not so sure. He argues that Andre’s way of living is just not realistic for most people. He finds joy in simpler things like a good cup of coffee or his cozy electric blanket. He believes that focusing too much on comfort is important and that the way people live in New York City in the late 1970s is like living in a dream instead of reality. Wally agrees with some of Andre’s criticisms of society, but he’s more of a rational and scientific guy.

Eventually, they have this deep conversation, and both of them feel heard and understood. When the restaurant is empty and they’re ready to leave, they part ways on good terms. Andre paid for dinner, so Wally treats himself to a taxi ride home. As he’s riding, he starts feeling this strong connection to all the familiar places he passes by. When he finally sees his girlfriend Debbie, he can’t help but tell her all about his dinner with Andre.

So, that’s the story of Wally and Andre’s dinner. It’s a tale of two friends with different perspectives on life, finding common ground, and exploring what truly matters in their own unique ways.

My Dinner with Andre 1981 Cast

  • André Gregory as Andre
  • Wallace Shawn as Wally
  • Jean Lenauer as Waiter
  • Roy Butler as Bartender
  • Cindy Lou Adkins as Coat-Check Girl (uncredited)

My Dinner with Andre 1981 Review

I gotta say, this movie is seriously one of the best out there. As someone who absolutely adores having those thought-provoking conversations, this film had me hooked right from the start. I mean, I felt like I was right there in the middle of that conversation, you know? It was that immersive.

I remember watching it and being blown away by Andre’s storytelling. I mean, those adventures he talked about were so wild and incredible. I even caught myself thinking, “Wow, if these were real experiences, that would be mind-blowing!” But guess what? I had to do a little Google search later, and it turns out most of those stories were actually based on their own lives. Can you believe it?

Seriously, folks, this is a movie you can’t miss. It’s a must-watch for anyone who enjoys those deep, meaningful conversations that make you question life and everything in it. Trust me, you won’t regret diving into this film. It’s a gem of our time!

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