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Summary of Pimped (2018)

One day, a girl named Sarah crosses paths with a young man named Lewis. Lewis is charismatic and has a gift for Gab. It appears that Sarah has fallen head over heels for him. Little does she know, Lewis shares his abode with a deranged companion named Kenneth. Lewis sets himself up as a decoy to entice Sarah. All the while, she remains oblivious to Kenneth's dark agenda. As the story unfolds, Sarah manages to form an unexpected partnership with Lewis after unveiling Kenneth's plot. And, mind you, this is merely the start of it all.

Release Date
NR August. 24,2018
Genre Run Time
Thriller 1 hr 20 min
Director Writers
David Barker Lou Mentor, David Barker

Pimped (2018)Plot

In the neon-lit streets of a bustling city, Sarah, a fiery young woman with a penchant for adventure, crosses paths with Lewis, a smooth-talking maverick with charisma to spare. Little does she know, her heart is about to be pimped by destiny. As if scripted by a cinematic maestro, their fateful encounter ignites a spark that could rival the brightest Hollywood stars.

But hold on to your popcorn because this reel has a twist. Unbeknownst to Sarah, lurking in the shadows of Lewis’s world is his enigmatic partner-in-crime, Kenneth. Picture a character straight out of the darkest corners of film noir, with a mind as intricate as a Christopher Nolan plot. This isn’t just a bromance; it’s a partnership pimped with intrigue and secrets.

As Lewis takes center stage, artfully pimping himself as bait to draw Sarah into his web, our leading lady is caught in a whirlwind of emotions. Is it love, or is it a script pimped with ulterior motives? The tension builds as their chemistry unfolds, leaving us on the edge of our seats.

But fear not, fellow movie buffs, for Sarah is no damsel in distress. With a dash of Nancy Drew and a sprinkle of Lara Croft, she navigates the labyrinthine plot twists with a determination that could rival any action hero. As the layers of Lewis’s plan are pimped apart, Sarah unearths a shocking revelation: the true architect of this intricate scheme is none other than Kenneth himself.

In a thrilling climax that Hitchcock himself would applaud, Sarah and Lewis forge an unlikely alliance. The tables turn as they join forces to outwit the puppet master who pimped their lives with a twisted narrative. Together, they embark on a mission redefining the essence of trust, loyalty, and perhaps even love.

And so, dear cinephiles, you’ve witnessed merely the opening act. The curtains rise on a story pimped with suspense, passion, and the unbreakable spirit of those who refuse to be mere extras in their own lives. Get ready, for in the world of movies and beyond, sometimes the most thrilling tales are the ones that have been pimped by fate itself.

Pimped (2018)Cast

  • Ella Scott Lynch as Sarah (Rachael) Montrose
  • Benedict Samuel as Lewis
  • Heather Mitchell as Sophia Hanson
  • Lewis Fitz-Gerald as Michael Hanson
  • Robin Goldsworthy as Kenneth Hanson
  • Skye Saulton as Mia Hanson
  • Sean Barker as Paul Hanson
  • Lauren Orrell as Melanie
  • Emma Potts as Lieka
  • Camilo Coronil as Day of the Dead Man
  • Carma Sharon as Day of the Dead Woman

Pimped (2018) Review

Sarah (Ella Scott Lynch), a young woman grappling with inner turmoil and battling her demons, decides to shake off her troubles and hit her local bar. There, she crosses paths with the dashing Lewis (Benedict Samuel), and the two hit it off over a few drinks. But buckle up because things are about to get much more intense for Sarah, and her new beau might not be all he seems. The night turns dark, locking Sarah in a web of sinister consequences she must navigate throughout the never-ending hours.

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on “Pimped,” an Aussie flick masterminded by director David Barker. This marks Barker’s directorial debut, and boy, does he make an entrance.

“Pimped” thrives on its tight-knit cast and compact setting. Credit goes to the director for crafting a visually captivating and stylish film, with a special shoutout for the inventive use of lighting. The story mostly unfolds within a vintage, uncomfortably eerie home, which cranks up the tension to eleven. Our Australian ensemble (who admittedly were new faces to me) delivers stellar performances, especially Ella Scott Lynch, who truly shines. The suspenseful tone of the film left me pretty darn impressed; I have to say.

You know what they say: expect the unexpected. “Pimped” spins some wild twists and turns. However, brace yourself because whether you fully grasp these curveballs or pivotal plot points might be a toss-up. Some things are left hanging in the air, and while I thought I had a handle on things, there were moments when I could see how someone might interpret them differently. It’s like looking at a glass and deciding if it’s half-empty or half-full—your perspective is your call. The film’s puzzle pieces might not always snap into place as intended (just my two cents).

Speaking of runtime, “Pimped” clocks in as a brisk affair, and for the most part, the pacing is on point. Still, I must confess there’s a bit of a slow burn at the start and the very end (especially before the credits roll). Once the action kicks into gear, a captivating journey awaits you, nestled right in the heart of the film.

In the grand scheme, “Pimped” treats us to stunning visuals that sketch a sprawling universe, mainly through the meticulously designed sets dominating much of the movie. The cast delivers the goods, even though the narrative’s pivotal junctures and twists can feel elusive. Some moments at the opening and closing could’ve used more fire. Nonetheless, for a debut effort from David Barker, “Pimped” stands as a notable accomplishment, a herald of great things to come in his future filmography. I can’t wait to see what Barker whips up next.

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