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Summary of Residente

"Residente 2017" delves into the personal musical odyssey of Puerto Rican rapper Residente (stylized as Resīdεntә). As a prominent member of the renowned band Calle 13, Residente showcases his unique musical creative process in this film, as well as embarking on a challenging and exploratory journey during the band's hiatus.

Following a DNA test, Residente discovers his diverse ancestry, which serves as a catalyst for exploring music and cultures around the world. The film delves into the profound impact of this pivotal moment on Residente's creative process and how it leads him towards collaborations with local musicians.

"Residente 2017" documents Residente's musical journey across the globe. From Latin America to Europe, he visits various locations, collaborates with local musicians, and captures captivating moments of cross-cultural exchange along the way.

The film introduces the accolades and honors received by the "Residente 2017" album, as well as the production process of the documentary and book bearing the same name as the album. These derivative works not only showcase the stories behind the album but also enrich the dimensions of Residente's musical journey.

"Residente 2017" follows Residente's album release and global tour, delving into his musical performances in various countries and regions, as well as his emotional connection with fans worldwide.

The film concludes with a comprehensive review of the impact and resonance of the "Residente 2017" album in the music market, while also exploring Residente's personal achievements as an artist and the evolution of his musical style. It presents a rich and moving musical narrative to the audience.

Through "Residente 2017," viewers will gain a comprehensive understanding of Residente's musical creative process, experience the transcendent exchange of music and culture, and feel the power and emotional resonance that music can bring.

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Residente 2017 Plot

“Residente 2017” delves deep into the creative core of musician Residente, showcasing how he integrates his diverse cultural background into his music. Through a DNA test, Residente astonishingly discovers ancestors from ten different regions around the world, including Armenia, Ghana, China, and Puerto Rico. This revelation not only sparks inspiration for his personal albums, documentaries, and books but also initiates a unique journey of exploration.

Residente dedicates two years to embark on a journey filled with exploration and creation. He travels the world, delving into the homelands of his ancestors, collaborating with local artists to create music. Throughout this process, he collaborates with numerous amateur or lesser-known artists, collectively breaking free from the confines of traditional music and crafting a captivating new musical style.

In “Residente 2017,” Residente endeavors to create a musical style vastly different from traditional world music. All musical elements originate from the recording locations, including drum beats and vocals. This innovative musical style offers audiences a fresh musical experience, seamlessly blending his multicultural background with music.

The film vividly showcases Residente’s entire production process at Loisaida Center and Electric Lady Studios in West Village, New York. These locations serve not only as places for music creation but also as vital hubs for cultural exchange and collision, enhancing the film’s unique artistic atmosphere.

Residente explores important themes such as equality and unity in his music. Through collaboration with local artists and in-depth exploration, he delves into issues of race, issuing a call for unity. Although the album predates Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 US presidential election, its themes are closely related to the social environment of the time, prompting profound reflections on racial equality.

“Residente 2017” showcases Residente’s profound reflections and expressions on his diverse cultural background and global issues. This music documentary is not just a musical journey but also a cultural exploration, allowing audiences to experience the power of music and the diversity of culture.

Residente 2017 Cast

  • Residente
  • Miles Solay

Residente 2017 Review

In this passionately crafted documentary-infused artistic film, we embark on a musical journey with Puerto Rican artist Alex Perez. The film captures his exploration of musical heritage and the process of creating a groundbreaking album.

Mentioning Alex Perez inevitably brings to light his musical background and the remarkable achievements of his former persona, the founder of Calle 13, with an impressive collection of 25 Latin Grammy awards.

The narrative unfolds as Alex Perez decides to guide his creative direction through a DNA test, igniting a desire for new artistic challenges. This decision marks the beginning of an unprecedented musical odyssey.

Teaming up with collaborator Marc de Beaufort, Alex Perez embarks on an adventure spanning Siberia, Georgia, China, Burkina Faso, and Ghana. The film documents his collaborations with local musicians, delving into the unique sounds of indigenous instruments woven into his compositions.

One unexpected highlight is Alex’s collaboration with the Peking Opera, and the film captures spontaneous journeys to Barcelona and London in search of the perfect pipe organ.

The audience witnesses collaborations with musical giants like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Bombino. It goes beyond showcasing the musical results, exploring the significance and inspiration behind these collaborations.

Returning to Puerto Rico, Alex Perez passionately chronicles the island’s history through music, emphasizing the unique aspects of Puerto Rican musical culture.

As this musical journey concludes, the audience is invited to reflect on the fascinating adventure. By emphasizing the film’s themes and emotions, it builds anticipation for the soon-to-be-released album, leaving the audience eagerly awaiting the perfect culmination of this musical odyssey.

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