Residente (2017)

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Summary of Residente

Imagine this movie called "Street Beats: From Struggles to Soundwaves." It's all about this young artist, let's call him Alex, who dreams of making it big in the art world. He faces countless challenges, but his passion for creativity never wavers.

One day, Alex stumbles upon a hidden talent for rapping. Inspired by the vibrant beats of the streets, he forms a rap group called "Urban Crew," and they quickly gain popularity in their neighborhood. But Alex isn't content with just local fame - he wants to make a difference.

Driven by his belief in standing up against corruption and inequality, Alex decides to leave Urban Crew and embark on a life-changing adventure. He sets off on a journey across distant lands like Siberia, the Caucasus, China, and West Africa. What motivates him is a DNA analysis that reveals his ancestral roots in these regions.

As Alex travels, music becomes his guiding force. Each new place he visits introduces him to unique sounds and rhythms, shaping his perspective on life and inspiring him to create powerful songs that address social issues. Through the film, we witness the transformative power of music as it connects people and sparks conversations that challenge the status quo.

"Street Beats: From Struggles to Soundwaves" takes you on a captivating ride, blending catchy tunes, breathtaking landscapes, and heartfelt stories of triumph. It's a tale of one artist's relentless pursuit of his dreams, using his talent to shed light on the world's injustices and bring about positive change. Get ready to groove to the rhythm of this incredible journey!

Release Date
Not Rated March. 11,2017
Genre Run Time
Documentary , Music 1 hr 30 min
Director Writers

Residente 2017 Plot

Picture this awesome movie titled “Roots and Rhythms: Following the Beat of the Past.” It revolves around a rockstar named Tony, who is known for his incredible talent and numerous awards. One day, Tony decides to take a DNA test out of curiosity about his ancestry.

To his surprise, the DNA test reveals a rich tapestry of heritage connecting him to various parts of the world. Fueled by this newfound knowledge and a desire to explore his roots, Tony embarks on an exciting global journey to the lands of his ancestors.

Accompanied by a team of talented musicians and a crew documenting his every move, Tony travels to stunning locations across the globe. From the vibrant streets of Latin America to the mystic landscapes of Africa, from the ancient civilizations of Asia to the cultural melting pots of Europe, he immerses himself in the diverse music traditions and connects with local artists.

As Tony delves deeper into his ancestral history, he starts to record his latest album, drawing inspiration from the rhythms, melodies, and stories he uncovers along the way. Collaborating with musicians from different cultures, he weaves together a masterpiece that celebrates the fusion of traditions and showcases the universal language of music.

“Roots and Rhythms: Following the Beat of the Past” is a captivating cinematic experience that blends Tony’s personal journey, breathtaking visuals, and an eclectic mix of musical genres. It’s a celebration of cultural diversity, the power of music to bridge gaps, and the universal human longing to connect with our heritage. Get ready to groove, feel inspired, and embark on an unforgettable adventure with Tony as he discovers the beats that echo through his veins!

Residente 2017 Cast

  • Residente
  • Miles Solay

Residente 2017 Review

Get ready for an incredible musical journey with “Sonic Adventures: Searching for Soundscapes.” This film follows the Puerto Rican artist, Alex Perez, as he embarks on a globetrotting quest to uncover his musical heritage and create a groundbreaking album.

Alex, formerly known as Rene Perez Joglar, is already a music legend, having founded the influential rap group Calle 13 and scooping up a remarkable 25 Latin Grammy awards. But seeking a new artistic challenge, he turns to a DNA test to guide his creative direction for his next project.

This decision takes Alex on an extraordinary and deeply personal odyssey, sometimes losing its focus but always filled with inspiration. Alongside his collaborator, Marc de Beaufort, Alex wears multiple hats as director, narrator, and chief composer, ensuring that his vision is captured authentically on screen.

With his passport in hand, Alex crisscrosses the globe, immersing himself in the cultures of Siberia, Georgia, China, Burkina Faso, and Ghana. He collaborates with local musicians, discovering the unique sounds of their indigenous instruments and weaving them into his own compositions.

The film provides a fascinating glimpse into the creative process, showcasing Alex’s unexpected collaboration with the Peking Opera and even taking him on spontaneous journeys to Barcelona and London in search of the perfect pipe organ.

Throughout his travels, Alex receives musical assistance from acclaimed talents like Lin-Manuel Miranda and renowned Tuareg guitarist Bombino. And when he returns to his homeland of Puerto Rico, he passionately chronicles the island’s tumultuous history through his music.

Captured through the lens of Alexandra Posada, the film is a visual feast, offering a vibrant and evocative souvenir of the upcoming album of the same name. However, when viewed independently, “Sonic Adventures: Searching for Soundscapes” may feel a bit scattered, taking you on a musical rollercoaster that traverses diverse landscapes.

Join Alex Perez on this exhilarating sonic expedition, where the power of music knows no boundaries. Discover the hidden rhythms of the world and experience the rich tapestry of cultures that shape our global soundscapes. Get ready for a melodic adventure that will make your heart sing!

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