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Summary of Return to Halloweentown

In Return to Halloweentown, we follow Marnie and Dylan as they embark on an exciting adventure to Witch U, a prestigious university located in the magical realm of Halloweentown. Marnie, being the talented witch that she is, receives a full scholarship to the school, but her caring mother, Gwen, insists that Dylan, her brother, accompany her to ensure her safety.

At Witch U, things take an interesting turn as they discover a strict "no-magic" policy for all witches and warlocks. But don't worry, there's no shortage of supernatural beings around! Marnie quickly befriends Aneesa, an enchanting genie with her own unique powers.

As the story unfolds, Marnie comes to the startling realization that she played a role in the establishment of this magic ban. The plot thickens when a mysterious box with the name "S. Cromwell" appears, sparking rumors and accusations that Marnie summoned it using forbidden magic. However, she strongly insists that it's just a twist of fate and not her doing.

Join Marnie and Dylan on a thrilling journey filled with magic, mystery, and the enchanting world of Halloweentown in this spellbinding sequel, Return to Halloweentown!

Release Date
G October. 20,2006
Genre Run Time
Fantasy , Action , Comedy , Family , TV Movie 1 hr 28 min
Director Writers
David Jackson

Return to Halloweentown (2006) Plot

Return to Halloweentown picks up a year after the last movie, and we find our protagonist, Marnie, now eighteen and recognized for her good deeds in the previous years. She gets offered a full scholarship to the prestigious Witch University in Halloweentown. But hold on, there’s a twist! Instead of following her original college plans, Marnie decides to attend the magical school, much to her mother Gwen’s dismay.

At Witch University, things aren’t as magical as one might expect. Witches and warlocks can’t use their powers here; instead, they study Shakespeare and old magic history. This leaves Marnie feeling disappointed and crestfallen, as she had hoped to learn how to harness her magical abilities.

Amidst this, Marnie reconnects with her old friend Ethan and befriends a new one, Aneesa the Genie. But trouble brews when she encounters the Sinister Sisters, three malevolent and manipulative witches, with whom Dylan becomes infatuated.

As Marnie delves deeper into the university’s history, she uncovers a fascinating mystery surrounding a locked box with the name “S. Cromwell” on it. This box contains the powerful “Gift,” a magic that only a Cromwell can wield. Marnie learns from her professor, Miss Periwinkle, that “S” stands for Splendora, her long-lost friend from the past.

To open the box and retrieve the Gift, Marnie travels back in time to meet Splendora, who reveals the true nature of this enigmatic power. The Gift is an amulet that grants the wearer the ability to control others, a forbidden magic. Realizing the sinister plans of the Dominion, a mysterious group, Marnie must make tough choices to save Halloweentown from chaos.

The Sinister Sisters and the Dominion try to use Marnie for their own gains, but she proves to be clever and resourceful. With the help of Aneesa and her family, Marnie thwarts their plans and traps the Gift in the genie’s lamp.

The movie reaches its climax when Chancellor Goodwin steals the Gift for the Dominion’s dark plot. The Sinister Sisters transform Dylan into a dog to coerce Marnie into cooperating. She pretends to comply, using the Gift’s power, but ultimately outsmarts them, leading to the Dominion’s downfall and the restoration of Halloweentown’s peace.

In the end, Marnie decides to leave the Gift for her brother Dylan, as she trusts him the most with its power. Dylan vows to use the magic sparingly and responsibly, preserving the glowing red S in the book, signifying the legacy of the Cromwell family and their incredible adventures in Halloweentown.

Return to Halloweentown (2006) Cast

  • Sara Paxton as Marnie Piper, an 18-year-old witch. She was portrayed by Kimberly J. Brown in the previous films.
    Lucas Grabeel as Ethan Dalloway, the son of Edgar Dalloway who becomes Marnie’s latest love interest.
  • Joey Zimmerman as Dylan Piper, the brother of Marnie.
  • Summer Bishil as Aneesa, a genie who Marnie befriends.
  • Judith Hoag as Gwen Piper, the mother of Marnie.
  • Kristy Wu as Scarlett, a girl at Witch University.
  • Katie Cockrell as Sage, the sister of Scarlett Sinister.
  • Kellie Cockrell as Sapphire, the sister of Scarlett and the twin sister of Sage.
  • Keone Young as Silas Sinister, the head of Sinster Inc., father of the Sinister Sisters, and leader of the Dominion.
  • Leslie Wing as Chancellor Goodwin, the chancellor of Witch University and member of the Dominion.
  • Millicent Martin as Professor Priscilla Persimmon Periwinkle, a friendly professor that Marnie befriends.
  • Debbie Reynolds as Splendora Agatha “Aggie” Cromwell, Marnie’s grandmother.
  • Scott Stevenson as Dr. Ichabod Grogg, a strict professor at Witch University and member of the Dominion.
  • Christopher Robin Miller as Burp-Urp-Snurt-Pfsfsfsfst III, a goblin who the Sinister Sisters pick on. He was credited as “Young Troll.”

Return to Halloweentown (2006) Review

Oh my gosh, Return to Halloweentown was absolutely amazing! I can’t even begin to express how much I adored it. I seriously want to re-watch it over and over again, but I don’t want to seem too obsessed, haha. However, without fail, I make it a tradition to re-watch it every Halloween.

Let me tell you, the story and concept were beyond incredible! It was so unique and captivating. The dialogues were on point, and the whole plot was just so darn loveable! This movie totally exceeded all my expectations!

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