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Summary of Romans

Romans tells the story of Malky, a hardworking guy who smashes things for a living. One day, while chilling at a local bar with his buddies, something shocking happens. Out of the blue, he comes face to face with a haunting figure from his past—the very person he blames for a really messed-up incident during his childhood. This encounter rocks him to his core, stirring up a mixture of anger and bitterness that burns like fire inside him.

Driven by an unstoppable desire for revenge, Malky goes on a relentless mission to make things right, digging up a harsh truth along the way: you can't escape the consequences of your actions. As Malky confronts the echoes of his past, he starts to realize that the sins we commit have a way of catching up with us, leaving a lasting impact on everyone involved.

Release Date
R December. 21,2017
Genre Run Time
Drama/Thriller 1 hr 31 min
Director Writers
Ludwig Shammasian, Paul Shammasian Geoff Thompson

Romans Plot

Akash and Shibu are two criminals who are being transported to jail on a train along with other prisoners. During the journey, Shibu manages to overpower the cops and jumps off the train with Akash.

In a nearby village called Poomala, there’s an old Latin Catholic church that has been closed for years. The respected and wealthy man of the village, Thommichan, tries to convince two priests to reopen the church. Misunderstanding their response, Thommichan believes they have agreed to come and begins preparations to welcome them.

Akash and Shibu arrive in Poomala and find themselves surrounded by the villagers. Mistaken for the priests, they decide to play along to avoid capture. Akash becomes Father Paul, and Shibu takes on the identity of Father Sebastian, also known as Sebu.

As the duo pretends to be priests, they surprisingly bring positive changes to the village. Shibu unintentionally repairs the broken church bell while attempting to steal it. Another incident occurs when they are asked to cure Mathukutty’s mother, who is suffering from insanity. During the process, the mother accidentally gets electrocuted and miraculously recovers, but unfortunately, it leads to a preacher named Geevarghese becoming insane.

The villagers keep mentioning that the priests “came even after knowing everything,” which confuses Akash and Shibu. They seek Achankunju’s help, the sexton of the church, who reveals the truth to them.

Years ago, a priest named Father Rodriguez was associated with the church. He became involved with a girl who later committed suicide after confessing her love for him. The villagers confronted Father Rodriguez, but he had already taken his own life. It is believed that his ghost has been haunting the church, causing the death of every priest who visits on the Holy Day.

Terrified by this revelation, Akash and Shibu plan to escape. However, Akash discovers that Thommichan’s daughter, Eleena, knows his true identity. Akash used to be a magician and a friend of Eleena but was arrested for cheating and robbery. Initially threatening to expose them, Eleena eventually forgives them after witnessing their good deeds.

Their escape attempts fail, and they end up returning to Poomala. Eventually, Shibu decides to steal some valuables and run away, leading to a fight between him and Akash. Shibu locks Akash in a room but is eventually freed by Achankunju, who believes it was a ghostly act. Akash finds out that Shibu hasn’t left and they reconcile.

On the Holy Day, during a ritual where priests are said to die, Akash reveals that Father Rodriguez is the source of the curse and plans to destroy his tombstone. However, before he can act, he pretends to bleed to death. The villagers blame Father Paul, and Sebu insults Father Rodriguez, angering Pappichayan, an esteemed photographer. Pappichayan declares that the church should be destroyed and a new one should be built in Father Rodriguez’s name.

To everyone’s surprise, Father Paul reveals that he faked his death to expose the truth. He accuses Pappichayan, who is Father Rodriguez’s father, of killing every priest out of vengeance for his son’s death. Pappichayan is arrested after poisoning the food consumed during the ritual. Shibu witnessed this act when he tried to run away with the stolen loot. To protect Father Sebu, Father Paul lies that Sebu had a vision revealing the truth, which the villagers blindly believe due to their belief in the priests’ supernatural powers.

Later, during a prayer in the church, the priests ask the villagers to close their eyes. Taking advantage of this moment, Akash and Shibu escape. While running, Akash sees Eleena, who encourages him to keep running. However, they are eventually caught by Inspector Vetrimaaran, who has been pursuing them since their escape. The inspector reveals that he knows about their deeds in Poomala and promises to reduce their punishment as a reward. Akash smiles and winks at Eleena before being taken away by the police alongside Shibu.

In the end, the people of Poomala remain unaware of the truth about the priests and continue to see them as divine beings. During the end credits, two men dressed as Santa Claus are shown celebrating Christmas with the elderly. These men are revealed to be Akash and Shibu, who have once again managed to escape from prison.

Romans Cast

  • Kunchacko Boban as Akash / Fr. Paul
  • Biju Menon as Shibu / Fr. Sebastian a.k.a Fr. Sebu
  • Nivetha Thomas as Eleena
  • Lalu Alex as Thommichan
  • TG Ravi as Pappichayan
  • Vijayaraghavan as Fr. Gabriel
  • Arun Ghosh as Fr. Rodriguez
  • Akanksha Puri as Annie aka Annamma
  • Nelson Sooranad as Geevarghese
  • Kalabhavan Shaju as Mathukkutty
  • Kochu Preman as Achankunju, the sexton
  • Jaffar Idukki as Durai Raj
  • Joice Nadakapadom as Joy
  • Gayathri as Thommichan’s wife
  • Devu Krishnan as Reena
  • Shalu Kurien as Gracy
  • Santhakumari as Pappi’s wife
  • Swati Verma as Kathreena
  • Jayan Cherthala as Police Sub-inspector Eanashu
  • Thomas Unniyadan as the MLA (Cameo)
  • Geetha Salam as Aravindan, the oracle
  • Kalabhavan Haneef as Andrews, lottery salesman
  • Shivaji Guruvayoor as Bishop Idachal
  • Lishoy as Akash’s father
  • Kakka Ravi as C.I. Vetrimaran
  • Ponnamma Babu as Mathukutty’s mother
  • Joy Pallassery as Jose
  • Sreekala Thaha as Jose’s wife
  • Sreelakshmi as Jose’s daughter

Romans Review

Lionsgate/Saban Films gave this British drama a new title, “RETALIATION,” and released it on video-on-demand in July 2020, much later than its international release and five years after it was filmed. The Blu-ray cover art might mislead you into thinking it’s an action-packed revenge flick starring Orlando Bloom. However, if you’re expecting that, you’re in for a challenging and intense 96 minutes (if you make it that far).

Orlando Bloom delivers a powerful performance as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by an elderly priest who returns to his blue-collar London neighborhood, where a new parish has been established. This film tackles difficult subject matter, and Bloom’s portrayal of barely-contained anger is commendable. The only downside is that the filmmakers sometimes lay the symbolism and Biblical metaphors on a bit too thick, like Bloom’s character working for a demolition crew that specializes in tearing down old churches. We get the point!

If you’re a fan of Bloom, this is a movie you shouldn’t miss. However, be warned—it’s not the movie it’s marketed as, and it may leave you feeling emotionally drained and ruin your day.

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