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Summary of Scarface

Meet Johnny, a spirited Cuban immigrant who escaped to the vibrant streets of Miami and embraced the wild world of American gangsters. Johnny found himself caught up in the gritty underworld, working his way up the ranks for a notorious local drug kingpin. With his sharp wit and street smarts, Johnny's reputation skyrocketed, and his influence grew stronger by the day. Little did his boss know that Johnny's hunger for power knew no bounds. When the realization finally struck, it was too late for him to stop Johnny. In a ruthless move, Johnny took matters into his own hands, eliminating his boss and claiming his throne as the unrivaled ruler of the Miami drug scene.

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Scarface Plot

In 1980, Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee and former convict, arrives in Miami during the Mariel boatlift. He, along with his best friend Manny Ray and their buddies Angel and Chi-Chi, end up in a refugee camp. Eventually, they are released with green cards in exchange for carrying out a hit on a former Cuban general for the powerful Miami drug lord, Frank Lopez. After being freed, they find work as dishwashers but yearn for something greater. Tony believes he is destined for bigger things.

Omar Suarez, Frank’s right-hand man, sends the group to purchase cocaine from Colombian dealers. Unfortunately, Tony and Angel are captured and held at gunpoint. Tony is forced to witness the brutal dismemberment of Angel with a chainsaw. Thankfully, Manny and Chi-Chi come to their rescue, and together, they eliminate the Colombians. They retrieve the drugs and money, suspecting that Omar set them up.

During a meeting with Frank, Tony becomes infatuated with Elvira, Frank’s wife. Tony and Manny start working for Frank, and Tony pays a visit to his mother and younger sister, Gina. Tony is extremely protective of Gina, warning Manny to stay away from her. However, tensions rise as Tony’s criminal lifestyle disgusts his mother, leading her to kick him out of their lives.

Frank sends Tony and Omar to Bolivia to meet the notorious cocaine kingpin, Alejandro Sosa. During their meeting, tensions arise when Tony negotiates a massive deal without Frank’s approval. In a shocking turn of events, Sosa has Omar hanged from a helicopter, claiming he was a police informant. Sosa admires Tony’s loyalty and agrees to the deal but warns him never to betray him.

Observing Frank’s anger over Omar’s death and the size of the deal with Sosa, Tony decides to establish his own independent cocaine operation. A corrupt police detective named Mel Bernstein tries to extort money from Tony, but Tony recognizes Bernstein’s inappropriate behavior towards Gina and violently confronts him. Hitmen subsequently target Tony, and although he manages to escape, he sustains a gunshot wound. Convinced that Frank and Bernstein orchestrated the attack, Tony confronts Frank, who confesses his involvement before being shot dead by Manny. Tony then kills Bernstein. Tony marries Elvira and becomes the exclusive distributor of Sosa’s cocaine, amassing immense wealth and constructing a heavily fortified estate.

In 1983, Tony faces charges of tax evasion due to a money laundering sting operation by federal agents. Sosa offers to protect Tony from prison if he helps assassinate an activist aiming to expose Sosa’s drug operations. During a tense dinner, Tony accuses Manny of causing his arrest and reveals Elvira’s drug addiction and infertility, prompting her to leave him.

Tony and Sosa’s henchman, “Shadow,” travel to New York City to carry out the assassination. However, Tony has a change of heart upon seeing the activist’s family and tries to call off the hit. Shadow refuses, leading to a confrontation where Tony kills him. Returning to Miami, Tony receives a call from Sosa, who vows revenge for allowing the activist to live. In a drug-fueled state, Tony finds Gina with Manny and, consumed by anger, mistakenly kills Manny, only to discover that Gina had just married him. Overwhelmed by grief, Tony returns to his estate with Gina and indulges in a massive cocaine binge in his office.

Sosa’s men launch an assault on Tony’s estate, killing his guards. Gina, armed with a revolver, confronts Tony, accusing him of wanting her for himself. She shoots and wounds him but is swiftly killed by one of Sosa’s men, whom Tony eliminates in return. Tony fights back, using an M16 rifle with an under-mounted grenade launcher, taking down many of the invaders. However, he sustains multiple gunshot wounds. He defiantly taunts his attackers until an assassin climbs up to the office and fatally shoots him with a double-barreled shotgun. Tony’s lifeless body plunges off the balcony into a pool, where it floats near a globe bearing the ironic motto, “The World Is Yours.”

Scarface Cast

  • Al Pacino as Tony Montana: a Cuban refugee who becomes a wealthy drug lord in Miami
  • Steven Bauer as Manny Ray: Tony’s friend and right-hand man
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira: Frank Lopez’s wife, who later marries Tony Montana
  • Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Gina: Tony’s sister, of whom he is overprotective
  • Robert Loggia as Frank Lopez: a Miami drug lord who mentors Tony and Manny
  • Míriam Colón as Mama Montana: Tony’s disapproving mother
  • F. Murray Abraham as Omar: Frank’s righthand man who is sceptical of Tony
  • Paul Shenar as Alejandro Sosa: a Bolivian drug lord and supplier for Tony
  • Harris Yulin as Bernstein: a crooked police officer on Lopez’s payroll who attempts to extort Tony
  • Ángel Salazar as Chi-Chi: a friend of Tony
  • Arnaldo Santana as Ernie: a bodyguard of Frank’s, who later works for Tony
  • Pepe Serna as Angel: a friend of Tony
  • Michael P. Moran as Nick the Pig: an underling of Tony
  • Al Israel as Hector the Toad: a Colombian drug trafficker
  • Dennis Holahan as Banker: a banker used by Tony to launder his money
  • Mark Margolis as Shadow: a Sosa henchman
  • Michael Alldredge as Sheffield: Tony’s lawyer
  • Ted Beniades as Seidelbaum: an undercover police officer
  • Albert Carrier as Pedro Quinn: chairman of the Andes Sugar Corporation
  • Caesar Cordova as Taco Stand Cook: a cook from the Cuban Diner

Scarface Review

Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant, makes his way to the United States in the 1980s, embarking on a gripping and violent journey that explores the heights of power and the consequences that come with it.


  • The story is exceptionally well-crafted, keeping viewers engaged throughout.
  • The ending is a standout, leaving a lasting impact.
  • Al Pacino’s portrayal of Tony Montana is undeniably cool and captivating.
  • The film successfully captures the allure and atmosphere of 1980s Miami, creating a stylish and appealing setting.


  • There were moments where the pacing felt a bit slow, although it didn’t significantly detract from the overall experience.
  • Personally, I found the flow of the story during certain parts to be somewhat lacking, not entirely to my taste.

Rating: 8/10

Determining the rating for this film is challenging for me. It falls somewhere between an 8 and a 9. I perceive the movie as consisting of three parts. The initial 55% and the final 10% are exceptional, but the middle 35% loses some of its momentum and cohesiveness. This is the aspect I referred to when discussing the flow of the story. I tend to prefer stories that have a clear direction and purpose, and I believe this movie loses that focus in the middle section, which slightly affects my rating. However, overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this epic and thrilling gangster classic. It was entertaining and thought-provoking, and it offers numerous layers to dissect and analyze. The setting of 1980s Miami adds a cool and fitting backdrop to the narrative, complementing Al Pacino’s outstanding performance. Lastly, the iconic and epic ending elevates the film to new heights. In conclusion, I highly recommend this movie; it is truly excellent.

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