Squirm (1976)

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Summary of Squirm

Squirm in excitement as a ferocious storm hits Fly Creek, causing havoc by knocking down power lines. Little did the unsuspecting inhabitants know that this natural disaster would trigger a nightmarish chain of events. Innocent worms, once harmless, undergo a shocking transformation, turning into mutant creatures with a taste for flesh!

Amidst the chaos, our protagonist, Mick, finds himself separated from his beloved girlfriend, Geri Sanders, who is trapped far away in New York. Determined to be reunited with her, Mick embarks on a nerve-wracking journey to reach Fly Creek. Upon arriving at Geri's home, he seeks refuge with her caring mother, Naomi Sanders, and her fiery sister, Alma Sanders. But little do they know, danger lurks right beneath the ground.

As Mick struggles to prove the truth about the terrifying worms, he faces unexpected opposition from Sheriff Jim Reston, who dismisses the unsettling events as nothing more than Mick's elaborate prank. Adding fuel to the fire, Geri's smooth-talking neighbor, Roger Grimes, vies for her affection, further escalating tensions in the community.

The horrifying reality soon unravels, revealing the gruesome secret behind the mutant creatures. Carnivorous worms are infesting Fly Creek, relentlessly devouring its unsuspecting residents. The once picturesque town becomes a battleground between man and monster.

With every passing moment, the danger escalates, and the need to act becomes dire. Can Mick and his companions overcome their differences, unite against the relentless threat, and save Fly Creek from the squirming terror that lies beneath the surface? Or will they fall prey to the ravenous creatures, just like many before them?

Only time will tell as the suspenseful tale of terror and survival unfolds. Prepare to squirm in your seats as you witness the spine-chilling mayhem that engulfs Fly Creek in this thrilling American English movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat!

Release Date
R July. 30,1976
Genre Run Time
Horror 1 hr 32 min
Director Writers
Jeff Lieberman Jeff Lieberman

Squirm (1976) Plot

Squirm in fear as a brutal storm strikes the quiet town of Fly Creek, Georgia, knocking down a power line that lands in the damp mud, electrifying unsuspecting worms beneath. Little did they know that this shocking event would transform them into bloodthirsty mutant creatures!

Amidst the chaos, Geri Sanders picks up her boyfriend, Mick, from New York City, who has come for a vacation. Meanwhile, Roger Grimes, the worm farmer and Geri’s neighbor, loses a shipment of 100,000 bloodworms and sandworms, adding to the squirming terror that awaits.

As Geri introduces Mick to her family, strange events begin to unfold. A human skeleton, worm-infested and eerie, appears mysteriously, making everyone question its origin. Sheriff Jim Reston, believing it to be just another prank, dismisses Mick’s concerns. But little did they know, the worms are on the rampage, attacking anyone who crosses their electrified path.

In their search for answers, Mick and Geri uncover unsettling truths about the worms’ behavior. Roger’s jealousy escalates, and the situation turns dire when he becomes a victim of the horrifying worm attacks. As the night descends, the worms unleash their terrifying onslaught, wreaking havoc on the town, leaving destruction and death in their wake.

Despite Mick’s attempts to warn the authorities and townspeople, his warnings go unheeded. The worms’ insatiable hunger leads them to feast on innocent lives, infesting various locations in the town.

Mick, determined to protect Geri and her family, devises a plan to survive the night. Realizing that the worms are active at night due to the continuing release of electricity from the power lines, they seek refuge inside, surrounded by candles.

However, the nightmarish events take a turn for the worse when Roger, transformed and deformed by the worms, kidnaps Geri. Chaos ensues as the worms continue their relentless assault, leaving a trail of destruction and terror.

In a heart-pounding showdown, Mick confronts Roger, fighting for survival against the squirming menace. Battling to protect Geri, Mick defeats Roger, but not without wounds of his own. As dawn breaks, the worms mysteriously vanish, leaving behind a town devastated by their monstrous rampage.

With the power restored, the survivors emerge from their hiding places, only to find the aftermath of the worm-infested nightmare. Despite the horrifying events, hope lingers as Mick and Geri are reunited with Alma, the lone survivor from their family.

Witness this gripping tale of survival and horror as the town of Fly Creek battles against the nightmarish forces of nature. Squirm in your seats as you embark on a spine-chilling journey through the electrifying terror that lies beneath the surface in this captivating American English movie!

Squirm (1976) Cast

  • Don Scardino as Mick
  • Patricia Pearcy as Geraldine “Geri” Sanders
  • R. A. Dow as Roger Grimes
  • Jean Sullivan as Naomi Sanders
  • Peter MacLean as Sheriff Jim Reston
  • Fran Higgins as Alma Sanders
  • William Newman as Quigley
  • Barbara Quinn as Sheriff’s Girl
  • Carl Dagenhart as Willie Grimes
  • Angel Sande as Millie
  • Carol Jean Owens as Lizzie
  • Kim Leon Iocovozzi as Hank
  • Walter Dimmick as Danny
  • Leslie Thorsen as Bonnie
  • Julia Klopp as Mrs. Klopp

Squirm (1976) Review

Prepare to squirm in your seats as a violent storm ravages the tranquil town of Georgia, leaving high voltage power lines downed and the ground electrified with surges of electricity. From the depths of the muddy and wet earth, carnivorous worms emerge, wreaking havoc and spreading terror throughout the small community.

This horrifying and slimy horror chiller takes inspiration from the iconic “nature on rampage” era, where creatures like spiders, ants, and frogs have terrorized the big screen in classics like “Kingdom of the Spiders,” “Empire of the Ants,” and “Frogs.” The movie is packed with suspense and thrilling moments that keep you on the edge of your seat!

In the final act, get ready to experience the most eerie, creepy, and dark chilling moments that will send shivers down your spine. Accompanied by an ominous and haunting music score, the atmosphere becomes even more immersive, adding to the spine-chilling excitement.

With its perfect blend of horror and suspense, this movie deserves a 10 out of 10 rating. Get ready to immerse yourself in the electrifying terror of this gripping American English horror flick that will leave you begging for more!

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