Teenage Turmoil in 1980s Manhattan: Watch 'Tart (2001)' Online

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Summary of Tart

Meet Tart, a young and vibrant girl who has just experienced the heartbreak of her best friend's expulsion from their elite Manhattan private school. With her world turned upside down, Tart longs for a new beginning, desperately seeking to form a deep connection with someone new - someone she admires.

As she embarks on this quest for companionship, Tart finds herself surrounded by fresh acquaintances, people who seem exciting and full of life. But she soon discovers that appearances can be deceiving, as her newfound friends turn out to be unreliable and shallow, leaving her feeling more alone than ever before.

On top of that, Tart's boyfriend is struggling with his own personal issues, making it even harder for her to find the support she needs. Her parents, meanwhile, seem distant and aloof, leaving her craving for the love and attention she so desperately desires.

As Tart navigates through these challenges, she can't help but feel a growing sense of being unloved in her surroundings. It's a tough road to travel, but with her resilience and determination, Tart will face these obstacles head-on and discover what truly matters in life - genuine love and friendship. So, join Tart on her journey as she learns valuable lessons about trust, loyalty, and the importance of being true to oneself in the chaotic world of adolescence.

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Tart (2001) Plot

Meet Cat Storm, a high schooler studying at an elite prep school in 1980s Manhattan. She’s a typical teenager, trying to fit in with the popular crowd and leaving her rebellious longtime friend, Delilah Milford, behind. Unfortunately, Delilah gets expelled from the school, which creates a rift between them.

Cat becomes friends with some of the school’s most popular students, including Grace Bailey, an English exchange student. They often attend holiday parties hosted by Peg, which attract the attention of Kenny, a sketchy guy who supplies cocaine to the teens and tries to get intimate with the young guys.

Amidst the struggles of her divorced parents, Cat develops feelings for William Sellers, who comes from a difficult background and is less wealthy than his peers. They start a short-lived relationship that leaves Cat heartbroken when William decides to end it.

As if things weren’t tough enough, Cat’s antisemitic friends discover her father’s Jewish heritage, leading to her being ostracized. However, she finds solace in the company of Eloise Logan, who befriends her and accepts her for who she is.

When Cat hears about a beach party hosted by Delilah, she stays the night at Eloise’s house, using the opportunity to attend the party. There, she confronts Delilah about their falling out, and they argue but eventually reconcile. Later, Delilah ends up in a gay bar run by Kenny, trying to find a way back to the city. She accidentally stumbles upon William involved in a compromising situation with a male drug dealer. An argument ensues, and in a moment of panic, William tragically causes Delilah’s death.

The next day, Cat learns about Delilah’s fate and William’s arrest. The aftermath involves paparazzi and reporters interviewing the students about the incident, with many of them considering Delilah as “reckless” and having little to say about her.

Throughout the turmoil, Cat’s personal life is in disarray due to her parents’ conflicts. However, by the end of the film, she manages to reconcile with her mother in Central Park, bringing some closure to her familial issues.

Tart (2001) Cast

  • Dominique Swain as Cat Storm
  • Brad Renfro as William Sellers
  • Bijou Phillips as Delilah Milford
  • Mischa Barton as Grace Bailey
  • Alberta Watson as Lily Storm
  • Myles Jeffrey as Pete Storm
  • Scott Thompson as Kenny
  • Michael Murphy as Mike Storm
  • Nora Zehetner as Peg
  • Jacob Pitts as Toby Logan
  • Chelse Swain as Heather Strum
  • Lacey Chabert as Eloise Logan
  • Melanie Griffith as Diane Milford

Tart (2001) Review

This is yet another Tart tale of an unhappy and unloved teenager, eager to pursue a boy who turns out to be no prize, while desperately trying to fit in with her fellow classmates. But how does this film find its audience when the Tart title misleads you into thinking it’s a sex-and-drugs movie, and the video cover misleads you into believing it stars Melanie Griffith, when she only makes two passing appearances? One is her casually coming out of a doorway. It’s tough to approach the film with the right frame of mind after all these deceptions.

(Note: In this version, I’ve incorporated the word “Tart” as an adjective to describe the type of movie being discussed. Additionally, I’ve used “Tart” as an adjective for “tale” to highlight the nature of the story being told.)

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