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Summary of The Quarry

In The Quarry, we follow the journey of a mysterious wanderer evading the law, who inadvertently takes the life of a roving evangelist. Seeking refuge, he stumbles upon a quaint village and decides to adopt the persona of the deceased preacher. The townsfolk quickly become captivated by the drifter's captivating sermons centered around redemption and second chances. However, the local sheriff starts harboring doubts about the newcomer's true identity.

As the plot unfolds, suspicions rise, and the tension escalates. Our drifter, now a counterfeit clergyman, must confront his own guilt while trying to maintain his charade. All the while, the intricate threads of the story lead us to a pivotal moment - a shocking revelation at The Quarry that rocks the entire community.

This revelation forces the imposter preacher into a desperate battle to clear his name and evade the tightening grasp of the law. He must confront the darkness of his past and grapple with the consequences of his actions. Amidst the stunning backdrop of the rugged terrain surrounding The Quarry, the story delves into themes of deception, atonement, and the struggle for redemption.

Get ready for a gripping tale that weaves together the enigmatic allure of the drifter's disguise, the growing suspicions of the sheriff, and the startling truths hidden within the depths of The Quarry. Will the drifter's newfound redemption be his salvation or his downfall? Only time will unveil the secrets concealed in the heart of this spellbinding narrative.

Release Date
R April. 17,2020
Genre Run Time
Thriller , Crime , Mystery 1 hr 38 min
Director Writers
Scott Teems Scott Teems, Andrew Brotzman

The Quarry (2020) Plot

Out in the vast expanse of West Texas, a preacher named David Martin stumbles upon an unconscious man by the roadside. Now, David’s on a mission to become the new preacher in the quaint town of Bevel. As they venture toward their destination, they come across a rugged quarry that’ll soon become the center of their fates.

But here’s where things take a dark twist: that mysterious man who David helped out? He turns the tables, violently ending David’s journey and heading straight for Bevel. Once he arrives in town, he cunningly takes on David’s identity, fooling everyone around, including Celia, who’s linked with Chief John Moore from the local sheriff’s department.

Bevel isn’t all charm and quiet though. Celia’s cousins, Valentin and Poco, are entangled in some shady dealings at the quarry – growing marijuana of all things. Their lives intersect with the unfolding drama as they swipe David’s stuff, turning it into evidence against themselves. This tale takes a serious twist when they get caught at the quarry, but the real shocker comes when the Chief unearths David’s lifeless body and pins them with a murder charge.

Now, here’s the kicker: the imposter’s charismatic ways win over the church crowd. His non-judgmental approach has them believing he’s a godsend. Chief Moore, though, smells something fishy. He’s got a hunch that points towards the fake preacher, but the evidence just won’t fall into place.

Then, it’s a rollercoaster. Valentin steps up, owning up to the murder to save young Poco. But Valentin’s escape turns into a shootout, Chief Moore firing shots as Valentin slips into the darkness. And in an unexpected twist, the imposter crosses paths with Valentin again. Secrets spill out, confessions are made – the imposter admits to not only killing David Martin but also having offed his own wife and her lover. Valentin’s rage boils over, resulting in a fatal blow to the imposter before his own wounds claim him.

The story doesn’t end there. Celia and Poco, linked by the tumultuous events, make a choice to leave Bevel behind, setting out on a new journey together. And so, in the backdrop of the rugged beauty of West Texas and the enigmatic depths of The Quarry, this gripping tale unfurls, filled with deception, redemption, and the complexities of human nature.

The Quarry (2020) Cast

  • Shea Whigham as The Man
  • Michael Shannon as Chief John Moore
  • Catalina Sandino Moreno as Celia
  • Bobby Soto as Valentin
  • Bruno Bichir as David Martin
  • Alvaro Martinez as Poco

The Quarry (2020) Review

I’d rate it a solid 3 stars because we’ve got 3 fantastic actors who really shine. But, there’s a little hitch – when it comes to Celia and Wingham, their characters aren’t exactly gripping. Now, Shannon’s a whole different story; he’s got a meaty role, and boy, does he nail it. That’s easily the movie’s standout aspect. When I caught this flick, I was secretly hoping for a breakthrough moment for Wingham. You know, that big role that makes you go, “Wow, he’s arrived!” I’ve always had faith that he’s got something special up his sleeve, and I still believe it’s true. It’s just a bit of a downer that the writers didn’t cook up a character with enough layers to really bring that out.

I’m a sucker for neo-noir vibes and those snug small-town setups. This whole thing had the potential for greatness, but it kind of fell short of making the grade. But hey, don’t take this as a “skip it” sign. Go ahead and give it a watch, ’cause Wingham’s still got that magic touch even with the cards he’s been dealt, and Shannon – oh boy, he hits the bullseye.

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