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Summary of The Thin Man

The Thin Man is all about this guy named Nick Charles, who used to be a detective but took a break from the crime-fighting scene. He's back in the Big Apple now, and guess what? He's got a new wife, Nora, and a super loyal dog named Asta.

As Nick gets settled back into city life, he reconnects with all his old pals, and let me tell you, they're a real interesting bunch. They're all colorful and quirky, each with their own unique personality. But just when Nick thinks everything is going to be smooth sailing, something totally unexpected happens.

This lady named Dorothy Wynant shows up and she's in a real pickle. Her dad, Clyde Wynant, who's this fancy inventor, is suspected of doing a very bad thing. Apparently, he's accused of killing his former secretary, who also happened to be his mistress. And get this, Clyde disappeared a few months back and Dorothy hasn't been able to get in touch with him since.

At first, Nick isn't too keen on jumping back into detective mode. He's like, "Nah, I'm good, I just want a peaceful life with my lovely wife." But you know what? Nora is all hyped up about this whole situation. She finds it exciting, like something out of a thrilling movie. So, she convinces Nick to give it a shot, and he agrees to take on the case.

And boy, does the adventure begin! Nick starts digging into the mystery, following all these clues and talking to all the suspicious characters involved. And with Nora cheering him on, he starts putting the pieces together. Finally, at this big fancy dinner party with all the suspects, Nick drops the bombshell and reveals the identity of the killer in a super dramatic way.

Phew! What a wild ride, right? The Thin Man is full of suspense, humor, and some really cool characters. If you're into American English movies and love a good detective story, you're gonna have a blast with this one!

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The Thin Man 1934 Plot

Alright, listen up, movie buffs! Here’s the scoop: Dorothy Wynant is all excited about her upcoming wedding and she chats with her dad, Clyde, about it. But hold on tight, because things take a crazy turn. Clyde finds out that $50,000 worth of bonds, meant as a wedding gift for Dorothy, have gone missing. The only person who knew the safe combination where they were kept is his secretary, Julia. When Clyde confronts Julia, she spills the beans—she cashed in the bonds and only has $25,000 left. Clyde threatens to call the cops unless she coughs up the remaining $25,000.

Now, enter our main man, Nick Charles. He used to be a detective and actually did a job for Clyde back in the day. Nick and his fancy wife, Nora, are hanging out in San Francisco but decide to head to New York City for Christmas. They’re living it up in this swanky suite at the Hotel Normandie. While they’re in the Big Apple, Dorothy seeks out Nick’s help. You see, her dad, who the movie’s named after—”The Thin Man”—was supposed to go on a secret business trip and return before her wedding. But guess what? He vanished into thin air. Dorothy convinces Nick to take on the case, and Nora is totally onboard. She’s all about seeing her hubby in action.

What starts off as a missing person situation quickly turns into a murder mystery when they find Julia, Clyde’s former secretary and girlfriend, dead. And the evidence is pointing fingers at Clyde as the prime suspect. But Dorothy refuses to believe her dad is guilty. Nick teams up with Lieutenant Guild from the police force and they go visit this guy Nunheim, who’s got some inside info. But surprise, surprise! Nunheim sneaks away and gets himself killed during a meeting with the mysterious murderer.

Now, here’s where it gets really intense. Nick follows his gut feeling and sneaks into Clyde’s closed shop late at night. And guess what he finds? A dead body, all skeletonized and dressed up, buried right there. Suddenly, Tanner, Clyde’s bookkeeper, pops out of nowhere. And just when things can’t get any crazier, the police show up. Nick had called them as soon as he discovered the body. They think the remains belong to the “Fat Man,” an old enemy of Clyde’s, because of the oversized clothes with an “R” belt buckle. But Nick, being the genius he is, already has the case mostly figured out.

So, he invites all the suspects to a fancy dinner party. And you won’t believe it, but the killer gets exposed right there. Nick had accompanied the medical examiner during an X-ray of the buried body, and he spots something crucial. The clothes were planted to hide the body’s true identity. The X-ray showed shrapnel from an old war wound—the same injury Clyde had. Nick deduces that the real murderer killed Clyde after Clyde found out about the embezzlement and then killed his partner, Julia, because she knew about it too. And to tie up loose ends, the killer offed Nunheim, who witnessed Julia’s murder and tried to blackmail him.

Nick lays it all out for the dinner guests and reveals the true culprit—Clyde’s attorney, Herbert MacCauley. The guy loses it and tries to shoot Nick, but our hero knocks him out and declares him the murderer.

Finally, the movie ends on a lighter note. Nick, Nora, Dorothy, and her new husband, Tommy, celebrate as they ride a fancy train back to California. Nora wants to sleep with their loyal dog, Asta, but Nick tosses him to the upper bunk and joins Nora himself. Asta peeks down from above and covers his eyes with his paw.

Wow, what a rollercoaster! “The Thin Man” is a thrilling murder mystery that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. If you’re a fan of American English movies, this one’s a must-watch for sure!

The Thin Man 1934 Cast

  • William Powell as Nick Charles
  • Myrna Loy as Nora Charles
  • Maureen O’Sullivan as Dorothy Wynant
  • Nat Pendleton as Lt. John Guild
  • Minna Gombell as Mimi Wynant Jorgenson
  • Porter Hall as Herbert MacCaulay
  • Henry Wadsworth as Tommy
  • William Henry as Gilbert Wynant
  • Harold Huber as Arthur Nunheim
  • Cesar Romero as Chris Jorgenson
  • Natalie Moorhead as Julia Wolf
  • Edward Brophy as Joe Morelli
  • Edward Ellis as Clyde Wynant, the “thin man”
  • Skippy as Asta, their dog
  • Cyril Thornton as Tanner

The Thin Man 1934 Review

Get ready for a hilarious and suspenseful ride with this iconic mystery-comedy flick! Our main characters, a retired detective and his newlywed wife, are taking a well-deserved honeymoon to escape the daily grind. But guess what? Trouble follows them wherever they go. An old pal of theirs turns up dead, and the suspects are coming out of the woodwork. That’s when our dynamic duo is hired to crack the case, but here’s the catch—they have to balance solving the crime with enjoying their honeymoon.

This movie, one of the first of its kind, blends mystery, comedy, and a touch of romance. You’ll be laughing your socks off while trying to piece together the clues. The chemistry between our clever detective and his witty wife adds an extra layer of fun to the mix. So get ready to crack up and join the adventure as they unravel the mystery in this delightful crime-solving romp.

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