Waitress (2007)

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Summary of Waitress

Alright, y'all, let me tell you about this awesome movie called "Waitress"! It's all about Jenna, a waitress stuck in a miserable marriage with her husband Earl. She's determined to break free from this situation, so she saves up every penny she can and even dreams of winning a pie-baking contest to make her escape plan a reality. But guess what? Life throws her a curveball when she finds out she's pregnant!

Jenna works at Joe's diner, where she bakes these out-of-this-world pies that everyone loves. When things get tough, she seeks advice from the wise old Joe, and also has to deal with her not-so-easy boss, Cal. But hey, it's not all bad - she becomes good friends with her fellow waitresses, Dawn and Becky. And here's where it gets juicy - she starts having feelings for the charming new town doctor.

As her pregnancy progresses, Jenna's life with Earl becomes even more unbearable, and her escape plan seems more uncertain than ever. Plus, the doctor she's fallen for has his own complicated marriage situation. Phew, talk about drama! Throughout it all, Jenna's constantly grappling with the limited options a server like her has in life.

So, this movie is packed with emotions, hilarious moments, and some real soul-searching. If you're a fan of heartwarming stories with a sprinkle of pie-making magic, "Waitress" is an absolute must-watch! You'll be rooting for Jenna all the way as she navigates through love, friendships, and finding her path to freedom. Enjoy the sweet and bittersweet journey!

Release Date
PG-13 May. 25,2007
Genre Run Time
Drama , Comedy , Romance 1 hr 48 min
Director Writers
Adrienne Shelly Adrienne Shelly

Waitress (2007) Plot

Alright, y’all, let me give you the scoop on this incredible movie called “Waitress”! Meet Jenna Hunterson, a sweet and talented waitress living in the American South. But hold on, her life is far from sweet. She’s stuck in this miserable marriage with her controlling and abusive husband, Earl. Can you believe it?

Jenna works at Joe’s Pie Diner, where she whips up these amazing pies with quirky names inspired by her life’s ups and downs, like the “Bad Baby Pie” when she finds out she’s unexpectedly pregnant. Poor Jenna dreams of escaping her dreary marriage, so she’s secretly saving money for that day. And guess what? She pins her hopes on a pie contest nearby that offers a whopping $25,000 grand prize! But darn it, Earl won’t let her participate.

Her lifeline in this tough situation is her co-workers, Becky and Dawn, and the grumpy but kind-hearted owner of the diner, Joe. They all support Jenna and encourage her to start a new life elsewhere, away from Earl’s clutches.

But things take a turn when Jenna meets her new obstetrician, Dr. Jim Pomatter. Oh, sparks fly between them! He’s a charming doctor who’s moved to town because of his wife’s job. As they spend time together during prenatal appointments, their attraction grows, and before you know it, they’re caught up in a passionate affair.

Throughout this emotional rollercoaster, Jenna starts keeping a diary, writing heartfelt letters to her unborn baby, whom she names Lulu. Despite Earl’s demands and possessiveness, Jenna’s love for her daughter grows stronger and stronger. She decides she’s had enough of Earl’s mistreatment and bravely asks for a divorce.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Joe collapses into a coma, and Jenna receives a surprise envelope from him, containing a heartwarming card and a huge check! With newfound hope and support from her friends, Jenna wins the pie contest, turns the diner into a successful chain called “Lulu’s Pies,” and finally walks home happily with her beloved daughter.

“Waitress” is a tale of resilience, friendship, and finding strength in the face of adversity. It’ll make you laugh, cry, and cheer for Jenna as she follows her dreams and creates a better life for herself and her precious Lulu. So, grab some pie and enjoy this heartwarming journey of a brave waitress who triumphs against all odds!

Waitress (2007) Cast

  • Keri Russell as Jenna Hunterson
  • Nathan Fillion as Dr. Jim Pomatter
  • Cheryl Hines as Becky
  • Adrienne Shelly as Dawn
  • Eddie Jemison as Ogie Anhorn
  • Jeremy Sisto as Earl Hunterson
  • Andy Griffith as Joe
  • Lew Temple as Cal
  • Darby Stanchfield as Francine Pomatter
  • Lauri Johnson as Nurse Norma
  • Sarah Hunley as Dr. Lily Mueller
  • Nora Paradiso as Ethel
  • Holgie Forrester as Dawn’s mother
  • Sophie Ostroy as Lulu

Waitress (2007) Review

If I could shower ‘Waitress’ with even more stars, I totally would!

Let me tell you, I’m a big fan of food, movies, and series, but ‘Waitress’ takes the cake. I’ve watched it countless times, and it never gets old.

Spoiler Alert, kinda! The movie starts with these drool-worthy pies that had my mouth watering in seconds. The acting was on point, and I couldn’t help but cheer for the forbidden affair—I mean, Jenna deserved some happiness, right? Her sweet and kind soul deserved a break.

Oh, and that pie-baking scene… I swear, it brought tears to my eyes. It was so romantic, and I wished it was real love. Kudos to Nathan Fillion and Keri Russell for making it absolutely beautiful.

But here’s the twist—the ending was unexpected. At first, I was disappointed because I wanted Jenna to marry her love interest. But guess what? The movie kept pulling me back, and after rewatching it multiple times, I realized the ending was perfect. It was true to Jenna’s feelings and her choice. It wasn’t a cliché, but a genuine portrayal of what some mothers might go through. And boy, I’m so glad she kept little Lulu! And Old Joe, he’s like an angel with a sweet tooth for Jenna’s pies.

————————END OF SPOILERS————————

Overall, I’m grateful for a movie like ‘Waitress’ to exist. Shoutout to the director, Adrienne Shelly, may she rest in peace. Without her, this masterpiece would never have come to life. <3

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